Bye-Bye Boonies

Well, we did it! We sold our house! It's amazing and it all happened so fast it makes all those months of waiting seem like they never happened. I can't take the credit, clearly the Lord knew the best time for us, and that just happened to be on my birthday. A little birthday present from above!

Last Friday, we got a notification for a showing for Saturday afternoon. We thought nothing of it and got the house ready as usual. We spent our day out of the house buying me a new bike and then going biking on the American Tobacco Trail with my in-laws that afternoon. The showing was over a 2 hour block so we made ourselves scarce for the day.

In the car, on the way home from our long day out, I checked my email. My inbox contained an email from our agent indicating that our visitors LOVED our house and said it was "their pick of the day" out of all the homes they had seen. We were excited but still holding back in case they didn't make an offer. After all, we'd had one couple come back for a second showing before and ended up choosing another house in another county. So we (mostly me) tried to hold back on getting too excited.

By Sunday morning, our forward-thinking got the best of us and we skipped church and went to Apex to check out some new homes that had just been finished. To rewind just for a second...in one of my last posts I mentioned having my eye on my dream home that had just been reduced by $90,000. As luck would have it, that home went under contract with another buyer the Friday night before our showing to what would be our future buyers. So that's off the table. Back to the present, the house we looked at and (I) fell in love with is in the same neighborhood as my dream home that would not be. However, I actually like the newer house better. It just spoke to me when we walked in the front door. It felt like the family home I'd always envisioned living in.

A few minutes into our visit, the on-site agent scooted over on his multi-passenger golf cart, popped inside, and chatted with us for a bit. He told us a bit about what happened to the neighborhood and its builders when the market collapsed, and what they hoped for the future. We asked specifically if the model home was for sale and he told us that it was not. Hmm. Weird. It's listed in MLS so I'm not clear on how that works. But that told us that if we wanted one of these homes that we would not be seamlessly moving from one house to the next. We'd have to build one of these homes which can take 3 months or so. I won't bore you with all the details, but right now, our plan is to move in with my parents (help me Lord) for a few months, and save money while our house is being built (if we determine we definitely want
that house and can afford it).

I'm determined to do things right this time. I've learned that LOCATION is really and truly the most important thing. Choosing the wrong location can spoil the love you have for your home and you should always listen to your gut. I want my next house to bring me to tears when I walk in the front door after we close. I want to be so excited to move in that I can't sleep the night before. I want to see other homes that may be beautiful inside and out, but at the end of the day when I come home to MY house, I want to love it just the same.

I can't wait to share with you where we end up next!

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