I've been waiting...

...for this moment. For when we would be in the throes of making an offer on a house and packing up for a move. I've been picturing it all throughout our long 7 months of waiting to get an offer on our house and now here we are. Life is a clever little thing.

It feels like a lot has happened in this past week, but we have little to show for it. After a painless counter-offer and acceptance from our buyers, we're under contract and moving right along with our sale. The inspection was yesterday and we hope we have little to nothing to fix. Our house is only 2 years old and has been lived in lightly so we'll see what Mr. Inspector comes up with. Our buyers applied for their loan last Friday and since they are putting down a BOAT LOAD of a down payment, I have no fear that the loan process won't be what slows us down. Our agent tells us that they absolutely fell in love with our house and it's decor (thank you very much) so I can relate to the desire with which this couple wants our house no matter what. I, too, tend to fall in love with beautifully decorated homes rather than the ones where clearly no one cared to fill their surroundings with warmth and personality and charm. Poo on them.

As for our buying, we're sort of moving along there as well. We've picked a house in Apex that would have to be built, but they say can be done in 60 days. We're assuming that will really be about 3 months, but who knows. We are meeting with our agent on Friday to write up our offer and then we'll be crossing our fingers that the builder takes it! I don't want to spill too many details now, so stay tuned for the fill-in on this deal after it's (hopefully) accepted.

Last night, we dove into packing in a big way. We packed up our umpteen thousand books, an equal amount of bedding and sheets, towels, office supplies, and paper products from my Kelley McFarland Paper days. I like to be oh-so-organized when I pack and Seth...well, he's not quite that gentle. We did fairly well packing together and we got a good amount done. We figure if we pack a little bit like that each night we'll be in good shape. We've got a 3 day weekend this week and I plan on using some of Friday to get a good chunk done.

Packing is tricky since we need to take some stuff to my parent's house and some stuff to storage. I hate storage. HATE. I don't know why. It's dark and sketchy and weird. The storing of things is the only crappy part of this process. Of course, I'd rather move straight into my new home, but the wait will be worth it this time. We are going to try to move ourselves - both into the storage unit and to the new house. I'm thinking the house will be ready end of the July at the latest, and I think my Sethie will reconsider moving in the hot hot heat of July once we get there. We'll see.

I hope you people still read my posts even if they don't have pictures in them :( They'll be coming soon!!!

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