The Fiasco

So I've kept you all in the dark the past few weeks and I sort of meant to. It seemed every time we opened our mouths to say something positive about the moving process, any and everything seemed to go down the toilet. I think we both felt a bit jinxed even though we don't really believe in the jinx. Dare I fill you in? We've not closed yet, but I think we've jumped such a major hurdle that I'll at least share the details of everything up until yesterday to quench your thirst for the thrills of my life.

After we finally got our current house under control with the buyers (they suck, btw), and were under contract on our new house we sort of sighed some relief. I did anyway, Seth still had worries of the appraisal on our new house. I felt confident it would appraise just fine. After all, its in historic Apex just a stone's throw from 4 homes built in just the last couple of years. They mostly sold for at or more than what we bought our house for so we were safe, right? WRONG.

We found out last Thursday that the appraiser appraise the new house at $275,000. $25k UNDER what it was listed for and what we offered. We were SHOCKED. And PISSED. And I was heart broken. No way was the seller going to go that low on a home she had appraised a few years back at $295k. Here we go again. Luckily, this time we had time on our side. The sellers really wanted us in their house and they were willing to wait it out. Our lender put in a dispute, but we had to wait 48 hours to get a response - which meant Monday. Yet another long, torturous wait through a weekend to hear back what we expected to be more bad news.

The weekend sucked. We were supposed to move into the house on Saturday but instead spent the day moving into a storage unit. I was grumpy, and easily annoyed and didn't really want to talk to anyone. I just wanted the stuff out of the house without having to be the cruise director. Just pile it in there and leave me alone was pretty much the way I was feeling. We got it all done only keeping a few things in our current house. We felt we could move the rest ourselves after we found out the fate of our new house.

Finally, Monday came. Dun dun duuuuun. What a crappy day. I was expecting the worst, but just didn't know when the news would come. FINALLY, around 3pm Seth IMs me that he's talking to our lender and has news on the appraisal. I ask, "Bad news?" and he simply types, "new appraisal amount: $300,000" and at that point I fell out of my chair. Not really, but my heart did. I typed, "ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!?!?!" and I ran to the back of my office and shared the good news with some of my co-workers who had been so worried and supportive.

Talk about a miracle. Just like that the appraisal came up $25 grand and we've got the green light to go through with the purchase of the house. The appraiser of our current house wasn't willing to take a second look at her appraisal so we just assumed all of them were a-holes and wouldn't redo our new house. Turns out, not only did we think he was insane, but Wells Fargo thought so as well. They used the comps we sent them and got the appraisal up to the right price point.

We moved a few odds and ends over last night and it felt good to finally walk in the house with a bit more sense of ownership. While we still are a little gun-shy about this working out, I am feeling more confident and hopefully come mid-May we'll close on this home and NEVER MOVE AGAIN!

I'm still not revealing all the pics to you just in case, but I'll leave you with this...


  1. Whew. Countless prayers covered this sweet place.

  2. Yay!! Where is this? My BF lives in downtown in one of those 4 houses you were talking about. I love it down there - it is like 10 minutes from us!