Rolla costaaaa....of houuuuse

So this house hunting thing. It can suck big time. And it has. GAH.

Friday, Seth and I had the day off so we hoofed it on over to Edna's office to write up an offer on one of the homes we had seen recently. It's a home that does not exist yet so we included our wishes for what the house would contain. Their offer to purchase and contract was "severely deficient" in the words of Miss Edna so it took us quite a while to figure out a way to clearly, legally, and effectively convey our wants for this home. We submitted the offer late Friday and figured we wouldn't hear back until Monday of this week because of Easter.

Well, it seems we were right. FIRST THING Monday we get an email from the builder basically giving us nothing. No help, no discount, no nothing. What an A$$. We had been fed a bunch of crap from the on-site agent and based several of our decisions on said crap-ola. They were only willing to give us $5000 for a corner lot premium which is (you guessed it) CRAP. We specifically chose a particular lot because it was on an end, but not an official corner lot, which can carry premiums of $5000, $20,000, or even $25,000. We were told that the lots with buffers on the ends weren't actually corner lots. So they could take their $5000 and shove it...HARD.

Completely out of character for me, I quickly decided along with Seth that we weren't willing to bend one iota. They obviously would rather wait and hike up prices than actually get a buyer in their homes. NO ONE has built or bought out there yet and here we are offering to be the first. You know, GIVE THEM BUSINESS AND MONEY AND SUCH. But they were like NAH, we need nothing. We're just pretending to be businessmen, but really WE SUCK.

So anyway, I'm moving on. I don't need to work with a builder who has counted his eggs before they've hatched. Someone's got a big head and hopefully we'll be in a nicer, better located, better fitting home for us when that big head pops and bleeds all over central Apex.

On a happier note, our buyers are moving along just swimmingly. Their house has been inspected, their buyers are moving along with their loan so all is looking good from our selling point of view. We mistakenly thought they were inspecting our house a few weeks back, but that was actually the date of the inspection of THEIR home, so we've rescheduled their inspection of our house for this Friday. Hopefully all goes well. After it's done, the appraisal will be ordered and getting through that will be a major hurdle in moving forward.

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