Under Contract

This, my friends, is the front door of the home of which we're under contract to purchase. This is also my dream home. The home with the details, character, and charm that I never thought I'd find at a good price.
I will show you the rest of the house when we sign our *new* contract with our buyers. *New* does not necessarily mean GREAT! SHINY! IMPROVED! In fact, it means the polar opposite. But let's not dwell on the gory details of which we just lived through. I'll keep you kids in the dark - it's not a pretty sight.

After all has been said and done, it seems we're still going to be able to go through with the purchase of this home. Had you asked me this time yesterday or even 10:00pm last night, I may have seemed doubtful. In the end, we gave away our lives and last shred of dignity to the 2 seemingly greediest buyers in the world. Again, I'm going to spare you the details. One, I don't want to type it out and get all mad again, and two, it's just really pathetic.

More updates to come. Hold on to your hats for more pics of the house. You all are going to want to come live with us. This house is that great.

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  1. ooooo i love the door and the numbers and the colors...it's great already! i hope we can come and visit sometime when we're in apex hanging with the in-laws!