5 Star Dining Experience

I was warming up the camera for our New York trip last night. Three was my willing subject. She really didn't have much choice. Three is skilled in not looking at the camera. Whenever I point it at her, she stands still up until the moment I'm willing to click and then walks away ever-so casually. It's SO AWESOME. Or not.

She loves to eat, though, and cooperated nicely with me for the most part. Let's join her in her lovely dining experience last night.

Location: Apex, 415, the floor
Time: 9:30pm
Menu selection: Beneful-Healthy Radiance and a water

Uh, hai. I in twouble?...No?...Ok, good. I was just eatin'.
A-CACK! Woops, I choke-ded. I suk at eatin' somtime.
Mmmm, I wuv my fooood.
CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH. I rude. I chew wif mouf wide open. So what? Who cayahs?
Oh yeah, water! I firstee, too. Slurrrrrrrp.
Lummy waters.
And now for my special twick...I turn into mop after dwinking water! Mom & Dad wuv dis. I cwean floor for dem.
Oh....yeah....so I'm done. Dat's it! BYE!
Three thanks you for dining with her and hopes to do it again soon.

And she begged me to share with you her report card from Doggie Day Care.

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