Maybe I Can Start Sleeping Through the Night Again


Those 2 sentences represent the amount of excitement that surrounded our actual closing today. After all the heartache and neck-aches and pain-in-the-rear-ends we encountered along this journey of selling a house and buying a house, the closing itself was by-the-book-boring. Except for the fact that the attorney's office had lost their internet service today and our lender had to print ALL our closing documents and bring them over. But we have come to expect such hiccups so this one was par for the course of this transaction.

Now, it's official. We are owners of the best little house and the house I just can't wait to get my decorating hands on!

Here's what I plan on doing when I get home:
Now that we can breathe a collective sigh of relief, the flood gates of my brain have opened wide and I'm thinking of all the fun things I look forward to enjoying in our new home. Things I would've wanted to do in our previous home save for our annoying neighbors who drove us to drink stay inside.

Besides the massive painting that will no-doubt happen as soon as I get stuff put in place, I'm most looking forward to planting a vegetable garden, pruning the crape myrtles, and replanting plants in the front to my tastes. The house was occupied by renters for 2 years and we all know renters couldn't care less about landscaping, so we've sorta got a blank canvas (albeit, a nice one) to go forward with.

I want to plant: Tomatoes! Cherry! Roma! Grape! Heirloom! and they'll be all MINE since the hubs doesn't eat them.

He can eat the:Jalapenos! Yum! With the tomatoes will make delicious salsa.

I also want a variety of: Lettuces! Lettuci? JK. But yum. Anything beats nasty, boring iceberg lettuce and how fancy to have a salad growing in your back yard. Additionally, must. have. herbs. Not the wacky kind, the legal and delicious kind like basil, rosemary, thyme, dill (LOVE DILL), sage and maybe some lavender to make sachets.

Perhaps I'm diving in a little too quick, but I've grown herbs in containers before and they did well (until I abandoned them water-wise). We have this great, flat, sunny back yard and I think a vegetable garden would do fine back there. I may be wrong, but the stuff I would like to start with sounds manageable.

Additionally, I plan to use lime greens and deep magentas in the front beds. We planted 3 knock-out roses (or "punch-out roses" as they are called in our house) at the old place and they THRIVED and got HUGE before we left. They bloomed beautifully every year but weren't the color I would've chosen had I bought them myself (gift from mom). So I'd like to plant them at the new house and watch them grow our curb appeal and our sense of a green thumb. I also love a gold lace juniper and want to add those to the beds as well. And give me HASTAS! I love me a hasta! Especially the kind with the lighter color outline on the leaves. They are so easy to care for and come back year after year, bigger and bigger. Here's my rendering of what I hope to see in our front landscaping before I die in the next year or so.
If you have tips or thoughts on vegetable gardens or great (low-maintenance) plants or shrubs please let me know!

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  1. this list should get you started.