Now for the fun part...


Today, I went to a wonderful fabric store with my mom during my lunch hour. That was the only bad part - we could only stay for 20 minutes since I have to be back right at 2pm. In any case, I had some luck selecting a few adorable fabrics which will transform into pillows for the sofa and curtain panels for the windows in my living and possibly dining room.

Check them out!

One thing I hate about some fabric stores is that they give you the measliest samples on earth. It's OK for some fabrics with a small or even itty-bitty repeat, but ones with large repeats, you can't tell squat from the sample. Luckily, there was an ENTIRE SOFA covered in the fabric I picked for our pillows.

This photo shows the sample of the fabric I picked for curtain panels and possibly a small lumbar pillow for the middle of the couch. I threw it on the couch so you could see how very cute they are together. I may use the graphic pattern on the bias for piping on another pillow. I am not sure how exactly I will combine them all.Here's a close-up of the green fabric so you can get an idea of its texture. I love it. It's got a linen-like texture and it has just the look and feel I wanted in the room.
This last photo includes one more fabric I'd like to incorporate. This particular one is an outdoor fabric, but usually they also carry it in an indoor version as well. I love a good old-fashioned ticking stripe and this one matches the current paint as well as the fabric perfectly. My mom turned her nose up at this one, but I'm learning to ignore her judgments because we've always had (and always will) different tastes in home decor. Oddly enough, she found the green fabric and it was just what I had been picturing so score one for mom.
I think the ticking stripe might go well in the dining room with some cute green trim or a fun pom-pom or tassel trim. Also, our downstairs bathroom has a great window that's in desperate need of a cafe curtain and I think the ticking stripe would work well in there, too.

My mom has a lady who has done her sewing for years (until recently) who I hope to use and get great prices from. I just can't find what I need at Target and the likes anymore. Plus, using custom stuff is soooo much more fun. I'm trying to find the nerve to make friends with my sewing machine again and make a run at some pillows or even a simple panel curtain myself! Tutorial suggestions anyone??


  1. I love the fabric!! I am starting to venture out into sewing as well..I am making a cushion for our bench - we will see how it goes!

  2. fun!! you can do it for sure!!