Nutrition Visit #1

Yesterday's visit with the dietitian went quite well and I left feeling good about working with and learning from her. The only bump in the visit was the fault of the receptionist who simply told me to "go to the second floor and wait on the couches in the lobby." I did that and after about 15 (nearly 20 minutes) the dietitian came looking for me. She told me the receptionist downstairs was supposed to notify the receptionist upstairs that I had arrived and apparently she failed to do so. Awesome.

Finally, when I met my dietitian, Shelly, we got started. She weighed me (in front of an ultra-skinny intern), asked me questions about my height, eating habits, health status, medications and all the normal stuff of a first visit with a health professional. As a state employee, I get 4 visits to a nutritionist covered ($25 co-pay) for the year. She told me we'd do the first 2 really close together and use the last 2 throughout the year so I could take full advantage of her and she could give me some time to make some progress.

This first visit was an overview of carbohydrates. What's good, what's bad, what I should be avoiding, what I can have gobs of. I learned that veggies are good across the board and I could eat as much of them as I wanted except corn, peas, and potatoes. I was surprised to learn that peas were a starchy veggie but mostly because I'd never really thought about it. But yes, the inside of a pea is like mashed potatoes so - makes sense. Corn is sort of put in the grain category oddly enough.

She taught me about balancing carbs and proteins and veggies. She says lots of people think a salad with grilled chicken is a great meal and while it may be, she says you really should throw a carb in there with it. Carbs make your brain happy (for those of us whose bodies crave them - don't we all?) and if you give you body carbs your brain won't obsess over them like it would if you denied yourself carbs.

We went over my lunchtime habits which recently include running over to Cafe Carolina to grab the delicious Turkey Berry Panini or the Pulled Pork Panini (YUUUUM). But both are served on sourdough bread and are those wide slices of bread. She says those sandwiches are fine - but only HALF. DUH. I should've guessed. Half is actually plenty, too, because there's a ton of meat on them. She said order the half sandwich/half salad combo and said that'd be a "beautiful lunch." So...I did just that yesterday. I was fine. It was good. I could've eaten more, but I'm guessing that's because my stomach is the size of a house. I skipped the chips and will try to continue to do so.

CHIPS. Let's just say they are annoying. I can skip them easily, but sandwich places now just want to shove them at you in a combo and actually make it harder for you to say "leave off the chips" because they build the price of the combo WITH chips. If you order a sandwich and drink they'll try to sell the GREAT COMBO to you and it's just annoying to have that dialogue. The worst is my beloved Cafe Carolina because they have no combo that includes a drink. THE SANDWICH itself comes with chips (or pretzels - carb nightmare) and the drink is separate. So my mind says I'm paying for the chips whether I want to or not in the cost of the sandwich so just take them. UGH. Sometimes I bring them back to my office unopened and put them in the kitchen for my co-workers. I've even written "EAT ME" in sharpie letters on the bag. They love me.

We wrapped up our visit talking about food journaling. I've tried doing it when I was using Weight Watchers online, but I found it sort of annoying. I'm now using fitday.com and it's a better site. You can actually create your own foods and input all the information from the label. It takes into account everything - not just calories and fat. So far, it's pretty cool. I've only put today's breakfast in so we'll see.

My next appointment is June 2nd and I think she wants to look at my food journal to get an idea of what I'm eating. I'm looking forward to one of our visits - she says we can do a grocery store tour! FUN! I told her I got so overwhelmed at the grocery store because I just don't know what to buy and what's right for my body without torturing my husband. I am looking forward to that visit.

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