Please tell me you know about Etsy. Please.

Because I knew about Etsy, but it wasn't until very recently that I KNEW about Etsy. Now I'm addicted. WOW. There is some unique and awesome stuff out there and I just can't stop looking at it all.

For example, the needlework above done by youheartus is just so cute. She has lots of off-color needlework in her Etsy shop that I just love. Like the FU and the Tweetstitches. So cute.

Recently, my sew-crazy college friend, Katherine started an Etsy shop, too. She makes the cutest stuff and hopes to get that shop going. For now, she's got these awesome buckets (one of which I am dying to have).

I'm so inspired by others' creativity and it makes me want to dive in to about 90,000 different arts and crafts and make something, too! Last night, I got around to unpacking a large box full of the old paper with which I used to make wedding invitations and customized stationary. I even found all my samples and personally thought they all still looked awesome and timeless. It gave me that feeling like I might want to try to do it again. It was hard the first time because I was in the Paralegal program and between school work and cutting and gluing and assembling invitations, it was just too much. Now with just and ole job, I could see myself fitting it in. It's so satisfying to make something beautiful that pleases another person to no end.

This has been a random post, but I've just fallen in love with Etsy over the past few days. It's become a go-to place for that unique gift that you can't find in every Target in America. Now, if I could only figure out what the heck to get my mom for Mother's Day, I'd be in business. She's the hardest woman on earth to shop for.

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