Today We Talk Nutrition

Last week, I had a check-up and check-in with my endocrinologist. The visit was as to be expected. The 'ole "How are you? How's everything?" regular chit-chat that doctors do when you're just in for an update. My doctor is an interesting man. He told me all about his 8th grade son who really likes a girl in his class but whose mom won't let her date (anyone). He wasn't sure what advice to give his son. While I totally get that - middle school really sucks - I was like "OK, and what's this got to do with ME? Your patient who's paying to be here?" But anyway...I asked for a referral to a nutritionist and he sent me off to have my blood drawn (wee!).

So today, I'm going to see a nutritionist at Rex. I'm very hopeful that the visit will be what I want it to be. I am in a weird position of having PCOS (with high cortisol levels and insulin resistance) and high cholesterol. So while the foods that are good for my insulin resistance - think proteins and dairy - may not be so good for my heart. So I'm in the middle and the problem is, I have a hard time finding and walking down the middle of the road. I run out of ideas and just cave and eat doughnuts and candy because it makes me happy and it tastes delicious. Which is an utter diet fail.

I'm hoping that this nutritionist will tell me what to eat for all 3 meals a day, for snacks, and school me on what to stay away from and what I can indulge in every once in a while. I eat a lot of peanut butter and cheese. I think she's going to tell me those are fine - as long as they are low fat. It's all so confusing. Starches or no starches? If starches - whole wheat? Nothing white (am I on a racist diet?). Seems from my reading that some fruits and veggies are bad and others good. But how can any of them be bad? They are from the earth!!! My body craves carbs. Maybe everyone's does. But I was put on a medication for diabetics which was to help curb my craving for carbs and sweets and help me lose weight. When I take it properly, I notice less "need" for a sweet after a meal, but it has not helped me lose weight.

Gee, you think I've avoided exercising for long enough? That's the ONE ELEMENT I have not included in my life and I KNOW that's the key. It's just SO HARD to do. I've never had to do it, so I think I'm in denial about the necessity. I've joined gyms repeatedly only to unjoin when I don't go and am wasting money paying for the membership. I've bought a treadmill, elliptical, Malibu Pilates machine, and a bike. The first two of which I sold to others who I hope have used them to their fullest potential :)

I will certainly post again post-consultation. I pray for the information I need to begin shopping better, eating better, living better and feeling better.

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  1. Wish I'd gone with you. I'm not sure what to eat now with the diabetes diagnosis...?
    Should I go back to Weight Watcher's--not sure.
    But, like you, I want a daily plan.