The Weekend & Our LOST Fest!

We had a nice weekend for the first time in what seems like ages. I mean nice in that we had nothing scheduled to do, no where to go, no plans or projects and for some reason no feeling (from me) that we had to do any more unpacking for the moment.Friday night, we had tickets to see The Swell Season at the NC Museum of Art. This was our 3rd time seeing TSS and of couse, as usual, they did NOT disappoint. I love this duo. They soothe my soul as cheesy as that sounds. We've seen them in Richmond, VA, Boston, Mass, and FINALLY we got tickets to see them in Raleigh. No trip, no driving, no hotel room. We bought tickets during a pre-sale and ended up with the most fabulous seats. The Art Museum has a quaint amphitheater anyway so I knew no seat would be bad. Here's a view from our seats which were just a few rows up but smack dab in the middle. The huge empty space between the seats and the stage were filled in by folks who should've sat on the grass, but flooded when Glen invited them to come in closer.The show was fabulous and it was a gorgeous, perfect night. Oddly enough, I spotted my 7th grade boyfriend down the aisle from us. He was sitting with his wife but I never got up to speak to him. What an odd place to spy someone you've not seen since the day you graduated from high school. There were some funny happenings during the show, not surprisingly caused by 2 girls clearly eager for attention. But the music was great and I was happy for a few hours.

When we got home that night I headed upstairs and realized as I climbed the stairs that it was seriously hot on the second level of our house. The thermostat read 82 degrees and the air was blowing hard. We have no clue what happened because neither of us remember touching it that day. We turned it down and tried to sleep in our room and somehow succeeded. By morning it was only 78 so we figured the A/C was officially broken. Saturday night we tried to sleep up there again, but it just wasn't working. I slept on one of our sofas downstairs and eventually Seth joined me and turned the other sofa into his bed for the night.

It was actually sort of cozy. We woke up to a loud thunderstorm that seemed to be on top of our house and pouring rain. We lazed around all morning, polished off some doughnuts from the night before, showered, and then went out to buy groceries for our LOST fest that would include just the 2 of us. Even having not slept well or long enough, I was up for grocery shopping and cooking later that night. I totally took a nap mid-day, but that's normal for a weekend. Put me on the couch and I'll fall asleep 100% of the time.

Around 6:45 I started preparing dinner for our LOST party. We planned to hold down the couches from 7 to 11:30 watching the last episode. Please pardon the cheesiness of the next few paragraphs.

I was on a... to have a fun LOST-themed dinner.

We had homemade burritos with...
and... and I prepared it on the...
During the cooking process, the smoke monster didn't show up, but we had a friendly steam monster stop by for a visit: He smelled delicious. He took some responsibility of leaving these in his wake:
Mine was better with the sour cream and fresh Roma tomatoes included.

So we ate and watched the 2 hour special recap of LOST and then watched the finale. Which I thought was great. Seth wasn't totally sold on it. I'm just not the LOST viewer who wants to ask 10 million questions at the end. I thought it was a happy and warm ending to a long and complex story. My theory is that the flash sideways was always Jack's "place of light." As they said, if you go towards the island's light, it would be the best place on earth. I think Jack's version of that was for all those people on the island to find each other, to remember each other and to love each other as a whole. And it was at the point that he could truly "leave."

The weekend was good. Just the 2 of us (FINALLY!) got to hang out, watch TV, and sleep.

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