We're OUT!

We've officially closed on our old house. We were supposed to close last Friday, April 30th, but due to stupidity and sloppy work on the part of their closing attorney's office, a $90 past-due tax bill wasn't found until the 11th hour. Said lien delayed the heck out of the closing and our buyers couldn't move in last weekend as planned.

Finally, yesterday at 4:35pm, the closing was complete and the deed should be recorded today. Our agent, Edna, relayed from our buyer's agent that the buyer (the wife) was "un-nerved" by the closing set back. Sorry folks, I'm not feeling the least bit sorry for her. She wasn't un-nerved by a $12k under appraisal nor did they feel sorry for us, so too bad, so sad you couldn't move in on time. It's about time someone other than us suffered during this process.

So bye-bye country home that was too far away from everything we loved! HELLOOOOO APEX!!!

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