NYC - Day 3 and ADIOS!

Day 3 in the city was low key (ish). The plan was to see the Guggenheim.

First, we tried another place for breakfast. This one was on the opposite corner from our hotel, Lou's Cafe. It was a different place and the waiters spoke broken English, were sweating, and running around like their lives depended on it. However, the restaurant had high ceilings, was light, bright and airy, and completely contradicted the emotions of the waiters. It was interesting.

We all ate something delicious and decided to walk a couple of blocks before we caught a cab up to 88th street where the Guggenheim was. We started out on 52nd street and decided to walk on Madison Avenue. What a treat! Just store after store after store of designer duds. Chanel, Michael Kors (where mom got a buttery leather purse), Hermes, Fred Leighton, Prada, Vera Wang, Louboutin, oh, the list goes on. Too bad they were all closed (oh, and out of our price range), but it was fun and before we knew it, we had walked all 30+ blocks to the Guggenheim even though we all said "there's no way I'm walking 30 blocks!"
The Guggenheim is a sight to behold. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, you know it's interesting and it didn't disappoint from the building standpoint. We couldn't take pictures past the first level so I have nothing cool to share with you other than this:
Inside, you just walk and walk and walk up a spiral ramp to view all the art and, on your way down, there are small side galleries in which to stop. I have to say I didn't "get" most of the works in the Guggenheim so my trip to the top and back was fairly short. The gift shop wasn't great either. But glad to have seen the museum. I can check off the Met, MOMA and now the Guggenheim from my NYC art museum must-sees.

I have to throw in this cute little (I say little, but I'm sure this is a multi-million dollar residence) townhome near 5th Avenue. I died over all the hydrangeas in the window sills. and then we rounded the corner to find these beauties:
Aside from the Guggenheim, Day 3 was low-key. I was super-tired and not really up for much sight-seeing. The 2 groups of mothers and daughters split up for the afternoon. Skye and Brenda went walking around in the East Village and my mom and I hit 5th Avenue for some shopping. I got a watch and purse at Juicy Couture and we went in to sticker shock when we went in Louis Vuitton. It was packed in there with eager buyers, but $700 for a wallet - I'll have to pass.

We had dinner at the Stage Deli on Broadway. I've been there on every trip to NYC and it's delicious. Nothing really fancy, but it's good and I love that their sandwiches are named after celebrities. I took it easy and had a grilled cheese with tomatoes and my mom and I split a mini cheesecake with blueberries on top.

Outside the restaurant was one of those tourist trap souvenir shops and we all decided we needed something tacky. I found this among all the crap! To find a Westie in NYC was a sign. Even though this silly key chain cost $8 I bought it anyway along with some other small goodies. As we exited the store, this group of hunky sailors were headed our way. They were so nice and posed for a picture. One of them was especially flirtatious and my mom insisted on taking a picture with him. Then some skank came out of the store calling my mom a "cougar" and the sailor told her what was what. What a jealous hussie.

We headed back to the hotel for a good night's sleep and set our alarms for 5:00am. Enough time to get up and ready and leave the hotel by 6:00am to catch our 9:15am flight back to Raleigh.

Bye bye NYC! Helloooo Raleigh & Apex! Good trip, but it was so nice to come home and see my Westie and my hubby again!

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  1. Kudos to you Kelley, for your guidance & direction in the Big Town. It wouldn't have been half the fun without your expertise, but above all, your presence & your mom's:)
    Wonderful memories, dear DIL!!!!