Of Interest: OWLS

This Saturday, I will be hosting a baby shower at my house for one of my college girlfriends. In planning for the shower and ordering the cake she told me her nursery theme was "sea creatures" and that led me on the hunt for a theme-specific gift/table decorations.

I ended up sort of latching on to the whale and can't wait to show you pics of the cake from Swank! However, in an odd turn of events, during my search and coming across all sorts of animals, I realized that I really LOVE owls. Like cartoon-y owls, not like real-life-scary-hooting owls with giant claws with which to pull your scalp off. Like this kind of owl: Isn't he adorable? I found him living here.

And this one, I just HAVE to have. He's so cute sitting there all round-like in that chair. He needs to come live with me. I found him living here.
I love the fabrics and colors of this little guy who I found here:
And this little baby needs a mama to hold him and tell him he's beautiful. He was living here:
These next couple crack me up. This guy is PISSED off. I mean TOTALLY. His name is Gaston and he and his family live here: His family just stands beside him with eyes wide open wondering, "Oh crap, what did we do to piss off Daddy Gaston this time?"
And these two pillows I just love. One I featured in a previous post, but here's the full view of it's cuteness. I swear I'm going to buy it from here:
And this one is awesomely cute, plus comes from an etsy shop named "giggles & toots" so who doesn't love that?!?
Saved the best for last....Mr. High Owl. hee hee heeeeee Love, Love, LOOOOVE this owl. He's really sleepy owl, but don't you think he just looks high?

So that my newest thing. Owls. Love them. Show me your best owls if you find any cute ones. I sense a gender-neutral nursery theme here. Not that we have reason to set up a nursery, but one day. Maybe.

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