Weekend & Progress

So much has been swimming around in my head that I've not blogged about any of it for fear of posting a 50,000 word essay or something. It's Monday, I'm bored at work and feeling like I can make a nice, concise and to-the-point entry so here we go.

We've made some good progress in the house over the last couple of weekends. I'd love to show you lots of pics, but somehow I continue to forget to take any. Perhaps if you're lucky, I'll insert some later to make this post all the more delectable. pshh. Last weekend we had big plans and started by going to Lowe's on Friday night to gather supplies in preparation for a work day on Saturday. We got 3 gallons of paint, and a closet system for the master bedroom closet. I planned to paint the living room, kitchen and dining room, and we were going to install closet space for Seth since the house didn't come with a lot of closet organization in place.

However, we went to Dog Days in Cary on Saturday morning. We took the MIL and Wyatt, their Basset Hound, and Seth and I took Three. It was so humid and hot it really zapped my energy for the day even though we only stayed an hour (if that). I ended up napping on the couch and staying cool in the house and all we really accomplished was hanging the closet system. I will say, however, that I was pretty proud of us for getting that done and getting it done right. We found studs, we pre-drilled holes, we got everything level and straight and it came out just as I had hoped. Now, Seth has his own hanging space in the closet and I have the rest :) We also moved our old glass desk (which I love for some reason) into the closet and bought a large monitor to hook up to the laptop. So we have this cozy office space tucked up in our master bedroom closet (which is large enough to be a small nursery anyway) and it's just so fun.
THIS weekend, we got down to business. During the previous week, I finally got started painting the living room. I was taking my time but I eventually finished it up on Saturday and we like it! I describe it like creamy peanut butter, but I think it shows up much more yellow in these photos than it is in real life. Just deal, OK?

Sunday, I stayed home from church (bad, I know) and got started priming the dining room. The nice thing about the dining room is that the wainscoting comes up so high, it's a quick and easy paint for the most part. I got it all primed and got one coat of the paint color up before 2pm. YAY ME! The color is "Cuban Plaza" by Valspar and it's quite bold. It's like a watermelon coral and it's growing on me. It looks gorgeous with the fabric I'm covering my chairs in, but I didn't get enough for curtains - which is what I need to really pull the room together (and a rug).

We also managed to hang a wire shelf in the laundry room and had plans to hang 2 smaller ones until we realized they were actually add-on shelves to a system of shelves. So that was a no-go and we'll have to get new shelves to complete that project. So now the "to-be-ironed shirts" have a proper home like this: instead of this:
I've been finding things that I love and can picture in each room and pull things together. It's just finding the space in the wallet to get these things purchased. Here are a few ideas:

I love these curtains for our living room:We have this duvet from IKEA:I want to paint the wall around our master bedroom windows a lovely shade of red (We also have an IKEA quilt and euro-shams that go on the bed and they are a gorgeous deep red. Hence, the red wall. Against that red wall I want curtains like one of these: I'll repeat that fabric in (what will be) our sunny yellow master bathroom. I love navy, red and yellow. It's so happy and fresh.

Also, I must have this preshush pillow from Etsy. I have a new addition to cute little owls. I just love them:
I'm on the hunt for rugs. I love rugs. They can totally transform a room. It's great fun. I just need a new one for the dining room right now. I'd love some for the kitchen, but I've got a couple in there that we had at the other house, but I'm worried with my newly-coral dining room, they clash. Not sure.

I promise to insert pics later!

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