Whale-coming Baby Boy Overton!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for one of my college girlfriends. It was a great success and so much fun hosting in our new crib (pun intended).

Here are the adorable sun-kissed parents-to-be, Elizabeth and James (and my big, fat arm on the right):
Our group of girls lives all over the state, so it's not often we all are free to get together at the same time on the same day. When the stars align we try to take full advantage, especially when it involves celebrating the newest baby addition.

I had so much fun decorating, and it all came together once the yummy food arrived! I grabbed some things I had around the house and made this cute little baby boy appropriate vignette on the coffee table.
The centerpiece, this adorable Swank cake (which they gave me credit for designing) made the table shine! I was so pleased with how it turned out and it tasted sinfully delicious. Seth and I polished off the last of it for our Sunday morning breakfast in bed. Shame on us.
I picked up these beautiful blue-tipped hydrangeas and Merry Alice brought some fresh blue ones to mix in (and I assume they came straight from her yard). Lucky me, I get to enjoy these in my house the rest of this week.I love hydrangeas. They are poofy and colorful and unpredictable and I'm looking forward to planting some in my own yard and seeing what kind of color my soil produces.

We had several extra-special guests at the shower (besides our honorees!). Miss Bell Brady came! For some of us, this was the first time meeting her. She was a cutie pie and just discovering her hands. She was smiling, happy and content to be around all the crazy people!
Merritt tagged along, too! I can't remember the last time I saw Mere-bear, but she was well-behaved and sweet as pie. Our Three was with her grandma during the party, but she sniffed and sniffed the house looking for the dog she smelled when she got home on Sunday. I know they would've had a blast together.And then little Elizabeth Bennett made her debut. At just 10 weeks old, she was a little angel and came sporting the cutest little headband!
We pigged out on all the delicious food everyone brought and FINALLY started opening all the gifts when we remembered the occasion was not just for eating.Purnie got lots of great gifts and motherly advice along the way.
Even James tried on some of the gifts, but I think he'll need his own elastic tie to be a tad longer...
James got a little baby holding practice in, too. I think he's a natural.
The party was great fun and we said good-bye to our last guests around 7:45pm! We know how to make a baby shower last! It was so great catching up with the girls again. Even though we don't get together often, we always seem to pick right back up like we were together just yesterday. I guess that's the sign of true friendship! I look forward to our next get together. Seth and I are only ones still childless so who knows what the future holds.

Purnie is a beautiful Mama and I can't wait to see her James III! I know they will make the funnest parents!

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