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Recently, I've become obsessed with getting the downstairs/guest bath and guest bedroom DONE. I don't know what my issue is there, but I've been searching high and low for the perfect shower curtain to kick off the design theme in the bathroom.

If you recall from previous posts, here's how our bathroom looked when we moved in. It still looks mostly the same except we tossed out those "I don't know whose feet have been there" rugs that the renters left behind. Still got those icky pinkish-peach walls that I pretty much hate.

Other than that, the bathroom is just lovely and SCREAMING for some color - BRIGHT and CHEERY color. Something about that pink just makes me want to puke.

I'm a huge user of black and white as accents, so all this room needs is the right punch of color. For me, that's where the walls and the oh-so-important shower curtain can make the room or break the room. I have a secret love for SCs and this is the only bathroom in our house that requires the use of one. The other 2 showers are stand-ups with glass doors. So, I'm completely obsessed with finding the PERFECT one.

And then...my August issue of Real Simple came in the mail the other day and I brought it to work to browse through during down time.

And then...what appears during my flippage?

Real Simple must've read my mind. I have my eye on one of the curtains they featured, but all of them were quite beautiful (albeit a little pricey, some of them) and gave me some wonderful websites to visit and add to my online shopping repertoire.

First I checked out IndiaRose because I love the teal and white curtain at the top of the second pic. I think this could easily become a quick DIY project (and may try it if I can't find my dream curtain!). IndiaRose has beautiful things - visit!

The brightly-colored paisley curtain in the middle photo is the one I've got my eye on. It's from echo which has tons of great stuff. Bathroom accessories to match your shower curtain! I won't go that far, but I love it when companies make things that already blend well with other items they sell. It can sometimes make a hard-to-find item way easier to find.

I really love the idea of a fun yellow bathroom with all the black and white we've got going on. I've had yellow on the brain for a while but I also wanted the bathroom to blend well with the guest bedroom which is serves and also with the living room/dining room/kitchen. Since you can see the bathroom from each room and vice versa, I want it to be a calming palette of colors seen and not a big ole jumbled mess. I hear not to be "matchy-matchy" and I'm not, but I get a lot of pleasure in monochromatic color palettes and also ones with opposite colors (think green & red).

Just today I purchased the Woodlands duvet and shams from Pottery Barn. It's so fun and happy and charming, what guest wouldn't want to sleep under it? And I'd never seen it up-close before because it's a catalog/internet only item, but look how fun! It reminds me of paint sample cards. With numbers and random codes and things. Love it. Love the colors. Can't wait to put it in the bedroom.

Whatever shower curtain I decide on, I want to add a thick, black grosgrain ribbon around the edges and then have our monogram added to the center - also in black. Just to bring in the black from the tiles and sink base. So I'm trying not to go too busy with the curtain - the monogram shouldn't end up fighting with its host.

I'll keep hunting and will post pictures of my progress soon!

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  1. OMG - I LOVE Real simple - I also stopped on the shower curtains, I really want to replace ours, but I too can't figure out the "theme" for our bathroom.. Can't wait to see pics!