Stylish Sleeper

I love sleeping. I've been good at it since I was a baby according to my mom. Husband will tell you the same. If I'm horizontal, I'll probably fall asleep. Here I am napping with my Westie.I'm sure I was sleeping through a NASCAR race or some other sporting event designed to lull ladies to sleep on a Sunday afternoon. Don't you love how he took the time and effort to take a panoramic shot of me and Westie snoozing?

Given this, my proclivity for sleeping, I suspect this is where my obsession with bedding stems. I can't get enough of it - much like sleep. I noticed this obsession in college when each year I thought I needed to have an entirely new set of bedding for my dorm room. I know I had 2 different duvets Freshmen and Sophomore year, but I somehow managed to use the same Tommy Hilfiger comforter Junior and Senior year. I know, I'm astonished myself.

After college, and upon getting my first job, I got my first apartment. A charming 1949, 700 square foot, story-and-a-half townhouse in Cameron Village. I had the tiniest of kitchens, no dishwasher, no central A/C (just 2 HUGE wall units - one up, one down), but I did have lovely hardwood floors both upstairs and down.

The entire upstairs (minus the tiny bathroom) was my bedroom - and it was huge. I brought in my bed from my parent's house as well as the bedding. I painted the room to match and it ended up being almost the identical color as my childhood bedroom. It didn't take long until I decided I wanted new bedding. I don't remember what triggered it, but I remember getting the duvet and shams plus the cutest little quilt to lay at the foot of the bed, and I remember thinking how designer my bed looked. It wasn't - it was a red/white check duvet. But it was cute and fun and I loved it!

From that point on, I just couldn't buy enough bedding. Mostly I bought sheets of various patterns and colors and thread counts. From jersey knit to sateen to cotton. It was fun and a semi-inexpensive way to make my bed feel new without replacing the entire duvet.

But then...the flood gates opened after husband and I got married and I've bought too many duvets and bed sets to name. But I will try. I have 3 from IKEA (all $20 for duvet and 2 shams), 4 from Pottery Barn, one from eBay, and one group of things I tried to make into something cute all bought from Target. It's just insane. I usually just buy the duvet before I go all out on shams and things so some of my sets aren't exactly complete. I have 2 bed skirts from Pottery Barn and then we bought a new bed which doesn't need a bed skirt. So those are out. I have several quilts and matelasses, some old, some new and I rotate them. Most of them have shrunk, which reminds me...I need a new matelasse.....

Back to my point. I love bedding and I swore not too long ago that I was going to stick with the cute and comfy IKEA bedding that's on our bed now. In fact, there is an IKEA duvet + shams AND an IKEA quilt + 2 Euro shams on the bed all at one time. I'm out of control. But then I saw the West Elm Fall Preview on Elements of Style and I fell in love with another duvet. Here's a peek:And to that I say I need both of these sheet sets from Serena & Lily because I love putting patterns together and both of these would be so fun to wallow on.

Lapis French Ring sheets:Red Star sheets:So cute, so fun, so colorful.

My master bedroom is up next on my list of rooms to start working on in addition to my downstairs bathroom. I love having red in my bedroom. Among all the bedding I've ever bought, a lot of it has big punches of red and although they say red evokes feelings of anger and it's not always good to have red in the bedroom, I love it. I don't put it on the walls, it's in pillows and rugs and quilts. It makes me happy and gives the room some warmth.

I want to bring in navy or a royal blue to the room, too. Hence the Lapis French Ring sheet. The rings on the sheets echo the loose rings in the duvet and I love the colors together.

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