Going Striping

Not "stripping" - get your head out of the gutter.

My latest project in the house is striping our upstairs hallway a la the Youngsters over at YHL and Michelle at 3 Men and a Lady. Here's a peek at the Youngsters half bath: and Michelle's amazing entryway (she's a goddess for striping curved walls - but it paid off big time! Last night, I started drawing the lines with a pencil, but was stopped dead in my tracks when things weren't exactly lining up at an angled corner. Sorry for the awful picture, but hallways aren't exactly exciting photo material when you're touring your newly purchased home, so I don't yet have great pictures of this area. I'll update tonight with some pictures of the hall and wall. For now, here's how the hall is oriented: You can sort of tell that after you climb the stairs, you double-back to go down the hallway (on the right alongside the railing) and at the end is our master bedroom. It's sort of a blank space with a large expanse of wall and I thought striping it would be fun. I've done vertical stripes before using one color but alternated high-gloss and flat stripes. It's a gorgeous effect for a dining room, but a little too stuffy for my hallway.

Here's how I got started (a little different from some on-line directions, but it made me feel better to work with so many level lines):
1. Measured from the top of the baseboard to the ceiling (102.5" or 8.5').
2. Decided on 10 stripes simply because it was an easy measure at 10.25" each. I didn't want too wide of a stripe, but not too narrow either.
3. Drew one vertical level line from baseboard to ceiling with a pencil.
4. Starting at the baseboard, measured 10.25" up the line marking with pencil as I went.
5. Using pencil marks, drew horizontal level lines just the width of the level so I could get a visual of the stripe width before I committed and started the great task of drawing lines all the way down the wall.
6. After OKing the widths, I continued the pattern of lining my level up with the previously drawn line, ensuring I was level and then extending that line all the way down the wall.

Looks good! Until...

Right before the hallway meets our master bedroom, there is a small portion of wall that angles into our bedroom to make up one side of the doorway (that's really hard to explain). The point is, I had to basically repeat the above process but when I started drawing the horizontal lines, they did NOT match up with the ones on the long wall. So I measured the height of the long wall line near the corner of the angled wall, and it had magically grown half an inch (!!!). ARGH. Oddly, all looks fine, though.

So in a small area I tried measuring 10.25" in 2 places and then connecting the dots. Of course that works, but then that line is not level! WEIRD!!! So I'm sort of stuck and can't figure how to to remedy this? Chalk line? Do I need a level square? I hate using laser levels so that's out!

I'm sure I'll figure it out - I'm not overly concerned about perfection, I just don't want any obvious flaw to stick out when all is complete. I'll post pics of my progress later. If I'm lucky, this will be the project I tackle this weekend so I hope to have finished product pics up, too!

Here are more of some of my favorite striping projects I've found online:

How can you not love this striped nursery ceiling from Kristen over at KFD Designs. Her furniture painting is to die for, too!
And this is a delicious gem I found randomly. I love how the headboard looks extended just by doing lighter shades of the colors in the stripes. The colors are phenomenal (www.sheltonmindel.com):
I've been toying with the idea of doing muli-directional stripe in the hallway, too. If not directional, then maybe multi-width. Here's a fun sample along with another ceiling stripe extended from the wall stripe. So fun! (thecultivatedhome.com)
And this last one is more in the color family I'm thinking of using in our hallway - except WAY less saturated. Think off-whites with a slight hint yellow. (Photo from: "Style to Go: Decorating") Not totally decided on color, but heading to Lowe's during my lunch break to seek out a possible leveling solution and to hunt for more paint samples.


  1. love the new look! of the blog, and the house! could use all the technology in the world and i still wouldn't be able to draw a straight line. you would cringe at the sight of my house. i know you can do it though!

  2. thanks for the shout! your stripes look awesome :)

  3. Thanks, Kristen! I'm such a big fan of your painting! Maybe one day I'll take on a ceiling :)