Painting the Stripes: Part 2

Last night, I put a 2nd coat on the first set of stripes. By the way, the colors I am using are from Lowe's. The "white" is "Cassis" by Laura Ashley, the second color is "Swiss Almond" also by Laura Ashley. These are Valspar Signature Colors and run about $30ish a gallon. OUCH. I'm sure I could've found similar colors in non-brand-name lines, but you know how finding colors can be. Plus, it costs more for any finish other than flat. I hope to stretch these 2 gallons of paint into other rooms or other projects, so really it's not terrible price-wise.

After I painted the 2nd coat on each stripe, I immediately took the tape off while the paint was wet. This is the best time to do it to maintain a sharp line and avoid any bleeding. My lines came out remarkably sharp even though as I was painting I could have sworn there was going to be a mess under that tape.

I like to use the Scotch blue painter's tape for delicate surfaces as opposed to the regular. The delicate surfaces tape is smoother and more flexible and creates a tighter seal. Not to mention that because it's made for delicate surfaces, I'm much more likely to leave paint ON the wall rather than ripping it off when I remove the tape.

Check out my lines, people!
Here's how the hall is looking after Day 2 of painting (Day 3 of the process).
I actually like the 2 colors that are there, but I really wanted less contrast for the hallway. My second color is lighter than what's there now, but is actually a warmer color. The existing color is flat paint and has lots of scuffs and marks. I certainly added to the mess when I drew lines for the stripes. Woops. The whole wall needed a makeover and I just love a fresh coat of paint. Nothing makes a room feel cleaner than to paint over scuffs and dings.

The next step will be to re-tape everything for the second set of stripes. It won't be nearly the process it was the first time now that all the leveling work has been done. I will just use the newly painted stripes as guides and I should be good to go. I'm looking forward to getting the next color on the wall. I'm such an instant gratification girl, it's all I can do to get through the final steps without exploding from the anticipation!

Stay tuned for the final product, but check out how pretty Three looks posing in front of the stripes. I think she'd just prefer I throw her ball, though...