Spontaneity + IKEA = Fun Sunday

Yesterday morning when I opened my eyes, I thought "Let's go to IKEA." I can't totally take credit for this spontaneous idea since husband brought it up on Saturday. However, I spent most of Saturday laid out on the couch watching TV and napping with my Westie. I couldn't quite pull it together to go on a spontaneous adventure.

Sunday morning seemed like a good alternative and I was in the mood for it. We got up, showered, dressed, grabbed some breakfast and hit the road. The plan was to go and LOOK and some of the things we (I) have my eye on and maybe take a few measurements, touch the live product for quality control purposes, and plan for future purchases.

We've been trying to budget ourselves (gee, what a concept. one we've always ignored) and plan for large purchases. But when you live over 2 hours from the closest IKEA, sometimes spontaneous adventures result in spontaneous spending.

When we moved into 415, we had to sell our sectional from our previous house because it was just too big. We replaced it with 2 of IKEA's newest sofas, the KIVIK. *Note: I feel the need to capitalize because that's how IKEA does it and it doesn't look right otherwise. At the time of our initial purchase, we bought the Ingebo light beige cover ($99) for each sofa since it was the most neutral color in a fabric we liked. The cover is fine, but not quite meant for people with dogs (color-wise) and we found it began to look dirty almost immediately.

When we originally purchased the sofas, the displays had a nicer fabric on them, but it was gray and I was sure it wouldn't be the right color for our more warm-toned color scheme going on in the house. HOWEVER, my sometimes-design-genius husband couldn't shake those nicer covers and we finally broke down and bought 2 yesterday. At $249 each, they are more than double the cost of the original ones and a pretty pricey addition for our living room. Could be worse, I know (eh hm, upholstery?). Once I had resolved the color in my head my mind went all swirly with new ideas for the room. Navy and green and gray! WOO! Just stay tuned...

So we went from: to...Even better is that once the covers were in our room and on the sofas, they weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. When I say "bad" I mean "wrong warmth level."

Also FINALLY purchased were this cute print duo (both prints were $9 total) and the ever-popular RIBBA frames in black. I first spotted these at the Tampa IKEA back in early July and I'm excited to add them to our newly-striped upstairs hallway along with this (I think):
I SWEAR to reveal the upstairs hallway once I get it dressed (Tonight?).

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  1. Can't wait! I am more excited about this than anything else going on in my life mostly because you have inspired me to not just paint solid colors..but get creative. We shall see where that takes me :)