The Stripes....they are a comin'

I've really fallen off the blogging wagon this week. I have finished my stripes, but have been hesitant to photograph them yet. When I painted the final color and took down the tape I have to admit it was sort of a shock to my system. The contrast was greatly reduced and it was so bright and light! I wasn't sure I was loving it at first.

Saturday night while the husband played poker with some doods, I got to work assembling a window treatment for the window in the hall. It seemed to be going well until I finished it and it was all crooked. This was a sew-free project and since the treatments were some left by the old owners or renters, I (stupidly) assumed they had been cut evenly and square. Wrong. So my entire project was off kilter. I should've measured, but I was so ready to put them up and see the final product. So I literally scrapped that set of curtains.

Tuesday night I started over with an old bed skirt from Pottery Barn and the same grosgrain ribbon and red ric-rac I used on the failed attempt. I think this attempt is going to be the winner. I plan on finishing the project this weekend and will have the results up in their full photographic glory next week!

Stay Tuned!!!

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