Stripin' Ain't Easy

Saturday, I finally faced my fear and figured out the stripes in our upstairs hallway. Turns out, the baseboards (and possibly the entire hallway) aren't level so that would be why my "level" lines didn't have equal measurements from the baseboards to the lines.

First, here's that better shot of our hallway I promised. It's a boring wall and since it leads to our bedroom, I wanted to spice it up a bit and make it more interesting.You can see how excited Three is about the coming change.
We purchased this great auto-leveling laser/stud finder gadget which proved to work just fine once I got my formula and flow down. My line drawing didn't go completely to waste - I used my vertical lines and hash marks to place the laser level in the wall.
I started on the small wall near our bedroom. I placed the laser level in the wall and it projected nice level lines out either side. The laser level has a piece on the back with basically the pin part of a push-pin which you stick into the wall. That's a minor downside for this particular project because it littered my walls with tiny holes. No biggie, though. That's what spackle is for!

With the level in the wall I taped on either side and then connected the sides with another piece of tape after removing the level.Once I finished with the small wall, I picked a spot on the long wall and thus began my "eyeballing" work. Since the baseboards weren't level I didn't have a good point from which to measure to connect the lines from the small wall to the big wall. So I just eyeballed with the laser level until I lined the laser line with the tape on the small wall. It actually worked quite well and once I got the hang of it, it went pretty fast. I repeated this same process when I got to the wall with the window.

After about 7,459 hours, I finished. I have a bruise on my left forearm from where I stored the roll of tape while I was working. My sweet husband went and bought the paint for me while I was taping so at least I didn't have to leave the house all day Saturday. Or shower. Until 8:30pm.

Here's how my hall looks now.I tried to start painting last night but that lasted all of 15 minutes when my tired arms and body asked me kindly to STOP WORKING. Plus, we had just had a yummy steak dinner and birthday cake so I don't know what I was thinking.

More to come this week on the wall. Also, realizing that I must tape a second time after the first set of stripes dry was a little unsettling. At least it won't be as hard since no levels or pencils or rulers will be involved.


  1. Looks great so far! We drove past your house (which is oh so close to our's (you should come over some time!!)) and it looks so beautiful!


  2. You always inspire me! GOT to work on my bathroom SOON. SOON!

  3. Kelley -

    Just saw the end result and you did a fantastic job! For future striping projects, check out the U-Stripe It & Design tool. It makes striping projects such as yours much, much easier!