Westietime: Frow Da Baw, Momma

I think Three gets jealous whenever Seth and/or I am doing something that takes our attention away from her. She always brings the ball over to what we're doing, drops it and then backs away waiting for you to notice it and throw it for her. Here's how she spent her time when I was painting the other night.

Hey, momma! Wanna pway? No? SEWIOUSLY? *Sniff* I'll just lay here all sad-like until you feel guilty. OR...
I'll just gnaw on the ball until you're done painting.Momma, what ARE you doing with that snappy thing? *clickclickclickclick* Oh, wait. I think I see a bug on da ceilin'.Nah, fawse alarm. Go back to snappin', momma.RARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! 'Scuse mah outburst. I a Westie, dis is how I roll.

Mom can't resist my cute play tactics. Or can she? *Sniff*
To be continued.... (* also, please don't make fun of my dog because she has a slight speech impediment. kthx.)

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  1. Love it!! Sadie gets super jealous too. Whenever we play with Ada, she gets her toy and starts rolling around right next to Ada. She will then proceed to pull out EVERY toy in her basket and scatter them about the house. Lovely.