Another New Adventure...

I have been holding this news inside me since the beginning of August and now I get to share....


Still in the same office, this is more of a promotion. I'm so excited! I'm getting a 19% pay increase which makes it all the more sweet.

It's such a pleasure to work around kind, supportive people who actually WANT to see me grow and move forward and give more to the office and of myself. Right now, I'm the "front woman" and I greet visitors and answer phones and basically keep the office organized, filed, and keep the incoming forms, money, and reports flowing back to those on our team responsible for filing and processing them. In my new duties, I'll be one of those team members that file and examine and process! YAY.

Wow, a "promotion" after being here just 9 short months. It's nice to be appreciated, and it's nice that others value me as an employee enough to allow me to move on and up. Much more than I can say for others I've worked for.