Three Is Four

This week was that our baby turned FOUR! Three is four! It's sort of nuts. When she was a tiny puppy and arrived to us at just 8 weeks old, it seemed we'd never get her potty trained. Then when she got spayed, it seemed she'd never get past the 2 weeks of cone-wearing and healing. Now she's FOUR! What?!?! Here's a short look back at our sweet sweet love muffin.

Here she is straight off the plane from Missouri. This was at Uncle George and Auntie Leigh's house when Three met Rotunda. It was love at first kiss for me.Here she is after getting her first bath in the big garden tub. She was none too thrilled with the experience, as you can see from look of pure "WHATWASTHAT?" on her sweet little face.And here she is after her first big girl haircut lounging on the front step of our townhouse watching all the people go by. To this day, I love when she gets her haircut. I just can't get enough of her.Most recently, she can usually be caught snoozing with me on the couch: And I took this close-up of her sweet paws last night: She was wiped out from her birthday fun on Sunday night. But I couldn't let her birthday go by without giving her some kind of special treat...so I shared my fudgecicle with her! Slurrrrrp!
In other news, things have been slow to non-existent on the home decor front. We've been budgeting so that keeps me out of the stores and sometimes uninspired. I'm not good at the "design on a dime" thing. I never find those hidden treasures that others seem to stumble upon. I guess it takes more time and hunting than I've got or am willing to give at this point. So, I've just been doing lots of thinking about projects to come.

At work, I've been training and gearing up to make the move from the front to the back. This Friday, I'll officially be on the clock as an Examiner and I'm looking forward to getting settled in my new fancy cubicle (riiiight).

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