We're going to a pumpkin patch this weekend to gather up some pumpkins and gourds to decorate our cute little front steps. I've got an itch to get a real one after using plug-in fakes for the last couple of years. They are cute and fun, but I miss the real ones that last through Thanksgiving and are appropriate long after Halloween passes.

Here are some fun ones I found while searching for inspiration...

Carved Pumpkins. I really want to try this!
No-cut Pumpkins. These were all made using only an apple corer! I am loving this technique. Seems child-friendly, too, if you've got little munchkins. I LOVE the dots one. Buying several colors of pumpkins and gourds and poking out pieces and putting them back in a different pumpkin. So cute, and so creative!
And then there are just fun pumpkins decorated with all sort of techniques and supplies!
These are some of my faves, though! Some fun and decorative, some just beautiful uses of my favorite fall accessory from nature!You know I had to throw in these Owls!
Am SO looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch this weekend! I'm now armed with lots of ideas for gussying up my punkin!

Credit to: Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, and Eddie Ross.



This weekend, with the help of my brother and SIL, we tackled some pretty major landscaping projects that we've had on our list of things to do for a while. We took down 3 trees and 2 large bushes/plants/whatevertheyweres. Here are a few pics of the before and afters:

This pic was taken before we'd even officially closed on the house, so the crape myrtles weren't as full and blossoming as they have been this summer. However, picture them covered in fuchsia blooms and completely blocking the porch. As much as I like a CM, ours just weren't cutting it. They hadn't been properly pruned and try as we might, we couldn't correct them. They just got a little out of control, and more importantly, they were blocking our beautiful house. I wanted to SEE our house when we pulled in the driveway!So down they came and here's what we've got now...We're quite happy with the results. The other bushes we took out were just unruly and we weren't sure what they were or how to prune them so out they went as well. They were in the corners where the steps met the porch.

A larger project loomed in the back yard. We had a Bradford Pear tree in the back, but it appeared to have some "buddies" growing along with it. Just a weird tree situation. You can see it here, on the right:This tree had become Seth's nemesis and was actually the first thing we tackled with the help of Seth's brand new saw, "Fat Max." Max was a doll and shredded through the tree like no other. Here's the after:Pretty exciting. The tree was actually growing right next to our neighbor's gorgeous and massive CM. Now we have their tree to admire and hopefully it'll fill out more where our tree was.



I am totally smitten with this sofa from West Elm. I want it. I want it BAAAAD.And I want to cover it in this fabric: Because my current couches are grey and this fabric was made to mate with them. I really love the fabric in the original picture, though.

So in love.

I Love Fall

If my last post didn't make it clear, let me just reiterate the fact that I LOVE FALL. It's my favorite season. I love being able to cozy up in warm sweaters and blankets and to turn on the heat after a long summer of 100 degree days. It's like a big sigh of relief.

Just thought I'd share how fall is looking at my house this year. This is the first fall in our new place and I have to say, the house just screams fall all on its own, so my additions just cozy it up even more. Please excuse the blurry iPhone pics. I was trying to take pictures quickly so as not to disturb hubby's game of Halo too much (and, yes, my eyes are rolling).

I picked up this little guy in the clearance section at Home Goods for $17. We named him Clarence. Get it? Get it? ha.Three is still trying to decide if she's down with the new owl.I'm creating a little pumpkin patch on my mantel and here's my collection so far.I love these pumpkins. Several of them came from Kohl's having collected a few over the years. They have GREAT holiday items and of course, they are at great prices. The neutral-colored ones actually have jack-o-lantern faces on the other side so they do double-duty for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I should've taken a pic. Sorry. Move on.

Here's what's going on with my coffee table. I was actually quite proud of myself once I got this set up. We have a huge coffee table and I'm not the best at styling areas like that. I tried putting everything on the table at first, but it just didn't look right. It need height. So I stole my wheat out of another container and stuck it in the beautiful, brown, Ben Owen jug, then I piled up some colorful books, and voila! Cute coffee table centerpiece. It's functional, too. There USED to be some Lindt chocolate balls in the orange leaf which proved to be TOO helpful of a candy container. The delicious candle in the green leaf is a homemade joy from the Angus Barn. We've burned it to the bottom - gotta get it refilled! It's the MOST DELICIOUS smelling candle in the entire universe.

Again, big orange pumpkin came from my mom and has a cut-out jack-o-lantern face on the other side. Both leaves came from Kohl's. One I got last year, one this year. I love that their decor is seamless from year to year. Here's another view with Halo in the background.
And just for good measure, here's a great pic of my hubby playing "fall ball."


FALLin' For Etsy

Hardee, har, har. Aren't I clever? I can't help it, I just love the change from summer to fall. It's the most dramatic of the year, and the time I love the most. I love 50 degree mornings and 70 degree days. It's perfection.

I've been having fun getting my house all fall-ified. Even the colors I go back to year round in home decor are those of autumn trees turning their colors to reds, yellows, and oranges. I'm starting a little mantle-o-pumpkins and was browsing on etsy earlier today for some treasures. Check out some of the lovelies I came across. I veered a little left of pumpkins, but I couldn't help myself. There is cuteness to be had out there!

Aww babybees! I love these little guys from 38stitches: And this little corduroy number. Love it. Love the colors. So cute. From SeaPinks:Two of my favorite things, cupcakes and fall, linked together in this oh-so-adorable little guy. From ViviansKitchen (Check out Viv's store - all sorts of felt desserts so cute you'll want to eat them!):And then there's this wee tiny baby, which I would toss in the air all day and snuggle and talk to all cute and tiny-like. From MossMountain:
Then we have the human decor...

Isn't this pretty and fun to style up your fall wardrobe. By Meepsies: And this is totally making me want a bambino just so I can warm its little head with this pumpkin hat. By Little Knit Lovey: Gotta have the shoes. By Sweets Handmade Gifts: And I thought this necklace was so simple, classy, and a good shout-out to fall. By Dorota Jewelry: Aren't these cute! By NerdGoddess. Miss Nerd has some wonderfully quirky jewels in her store. Go check them out!
Then we've got a few miscellaneous items...

A sweater for your coffee!!! By Natalya's Studio: And why stop there with warming your inanimate objects? Why not warm your....APPLE! By Unravel Me Designs: And these are just fun. By Lemon Drop Button Shop: This reminds me of my great alma mater, Salem College. F A-L-L, F E-S-T, IT'S FALL FEST, YA'LL, IT'S FALL FEST, YA'LL! By You're That Girl Designs:How 'bout this for original? I love the modern, fun painting over the old, antique book pages. So fun. By Kipi:
Hope I've tickled your fall-y bone!