FALLin' For Etsy

Hardee, har, har. Aren't I clever? I can't help it, I just love the change from summer to fall. It's the most dramatic of the year, and the time I love the most. I love 50 degree mornings and 70 degree days. It's perfection.

I've been having fun getting my house all fall-ified. Even the colors I go back to year round in home decor are those of autumn trees turning their colors to reds, yellows, and oranges. I'm starting a little mantle-o-pumpkins and was browsing on etsy earlier today for some treasures. Check out some of the lovelies I came across. I veered a little left of pumpkins, but I couldn't help myself. There is cuteness to be had out there!

Aww babybees! I love these little guys from 38stitches: And this little corduroy number. Love it. Love the colors. So cute. From SeaPinks:Two of my favorite things, cupcakes and fall, linked together in this oh-so-adorable little guy. From ViviansKitchen (Check out Viv's store - all sorts of felt desserts so cute you'll want to eat them!):And then there's this wee tiny baby, which I would toss in the air all day and snuggle and talk to all cute and tiny-like. From MossMountain:
Then we have the human decor...

Isn't this pretty and fun to style up your fall wardrobe. By Meepsies: And this is totally making me want a bambino just so I can warm its little head with this pumpkin hat. By Little Knit Lovey: Gotta have the shoes. By Sweets Handmade Gifts: And I thought this necklace was so simple, classy, and a good shout-out to fall. By Dorota Jewelry: Aren't these cute! By NerdGoddess. Miss Nerd has some wonderfully quirky jewels in her store. Go check them out!
Then we've got a few miscellaneous items...

A sweater for your coffee!!! By Natalya's Studio: And why stop there with warming your inanimate objects? Why not warm your....APPLE! By Unravel Me Designs: And these are just fun. By Lemon Drop Button Shop: This reminds me of my great alma mater, Salem College. F A-L-L, F E-S-T, IT'S FALL FEST, YA'LL, IT'S FALL FEST, YA'LL! By You're That Girl Designs:How 'bout this for original? I love the modern, fun painting over the old, antique book pages. So fun. By Kipi:
Hope I've tickled your fall-y bone!

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