We're going to a pumpkin patch this weekend to gather up some pumpkins and gourds to decorate our cute little front steps. I've got an itch to get a real one after using plug-in fakes for the last couple of years. They are cute and fun, but I miss the real ones that last through Thanksgiving and are appropriate long after Halloween passes.

Here are some fun ones I found while searching for inspiration...

Carved Pumpkins. I really want to try this!
No-cut Pumpkins. These were all made using only an apple corer! I am loving this technique. Seems child-friendly, too, if you've got little munchkins. I LOVE the dots one. Buying several colors of pumpkins and gourds and poking out pieces and putting them back in a different pumpkin. So cute, and so creative!
And then there are just fun pumpkins decorated with all sort of techniques and supplies!
These are some of my faves, though! Some fun and decorative, some just beautiful uses of my favorite fall accessory from nature!You know I had to throw in these Owls!
Am SO looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch this weekend! I'm now armed with lots of ideas for gussying up my punkin!

Credit to: Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, and Eddie Ross.


  1. I have pumpkin issues too...a collection of about 50 pottery ones....

  2. Went walking at Crabtree today with Jeannette & Lorraine. Poked through Pottery Barn & Crate & Barrel. Lovely pumpkins everywhere:)Your blog was an appropriate ending to a fall Mall walk day:)