This weekend, with the help of my brother and SIL, we tackled some pretty major landscaping projects that we've had on our list of things to do for a while. We took down 3 trees and 2 large bushes/plants/whatevertheyweres. Here are a few pics of the before and afters:

This pic was taken before we'd even officially closed on the house, so the crape myrtles weren't as full and blossoming as they have been this summer. However, picture them covered in fuchsia blooms and completely blocking the porch. As much as I like a CM, ours just weren't cutting it. They hadn't been properly pruned and try as we might, we couldn't correct them. They just got a little out of control, and more importantly, they were blocking our beautiful house. I wanted to SEE our house when we pulled in the driveway!So down they came and here's what we've got now...We're quite happy with the results. The other bushes we took out were just unruly and we weren't sure what they were or how to prune them so out they went as well. They were in the corners where the steps met the porch.

A larger project loomed in the back yard. We had a Bradford Pear tree in the back, but it appeared to have some "buddies" growing along with it. Just a weird tree situation. You can see it here, on the right:This tree had become Seth's nemesis and was actually the first thing we tackled with the help of Seth's brand new saw, "Fat Max." Max was a doll and shredded through the tree like no other. Here's the after:Pretty exciting. The tree was actually growing right next to our neighbor's gorgeous and massive CM. Now we have their tree to admire and hopefully it'll fill out more where our tree was.


  1. We did major yard overhaul a few weekends ago..very rewarding..but not fun in the meantime! Yard looks nice :)