Etsy Holiday Ornaments

Y'all know how I like to pimp out Etsy whenever I can so here goes. In my browsing, I've come across some great Christmas ornaments and thought I'd share a few of my faves.

More fabulousness from ViviansKitchen. God, I love her. She's amazing with the felt and thread. Doesn't this popcorn look amazing? I am smitten! And then she goes and makes these sugar cookies which just puts me through the roof. Don't they look good enough to eat?
Then we have this adorable little garland or hang-around-thingy that is just too cute for words. Even the plug is crocheted! This one comes to you from TheTangledWoods. Check her store out - she even has crocheted bacon slices!
I just love the colors on this next one. So pretty and I can't imagine the time and steady handy it takes to make these gorgeous polymer clay ornaments. Lovely, Starless.

Want to go green for Christmas? Check out these ornaments. One could easily duplicate this technique (I'd normally suggest you just buy the cuties from kellixmiller but it seems someone already has!). You could cut up newspaper or some old books (if you dare) and just stuff the shreds into a clear ornament. So fun and eco-friendly!
And a perfectly "simple," if you can call this gorgeous hand-painting simple, white ornament from CatCanCrochet. I love the delicate nature of this ornament.
Lastly, this is such a fun use of old strands of big bulbs you might have stashed away in your attics (or your parent's attics - I know mine have them!). These "urchin" ornaments are so fun!

Just a few of my favorite Etsy finds for the holidays. Enjoy!