Shutterfly Christmas Card Promotion!

During these crappy economic times, what better words could one hear during the holidays than FREE? Shutterfly is offering a fabulous promotion to bloggers right now. Just blog about your favorite holiday card designs offered by Shutterfly and receive 50 FREE holiday cards! I just couldn't pass this up seeing as how every year, no matter how many cards I buy, I always run out and can't send them to everyone I'd like to.

Shutterfly has some of the cutest cards this year! Here are a few of my favorites:

I love the modern design of this one. The "conversation bubble" is so fun!And this one adds a bit of fun with GLITTER. Ooooo.The colors on this one grabbed my attention. I love using lime green at Christmas and these colors make for a festive card!And this one reminds me of Three. I can just see her sweet, mischievous face on this card as she's asking if she's been "Naughty or Nice?" Cute!And while we are never ones to send a card with an elaborate letter about our family, this card offers just enough space to update folks on the happenings of our lives without going overboard. We don't usually have much to say, but this has been a year of updates so I might consider writing a little something.

Check out the Shutterfly promotion HERE!

Also, they have fabulous Christmas Photo Cards HERE.

Fabulous Holiday Cards HERE.

And if any of you are planning a holiday par-tay, you should check out Shutterfly's Holiday Party Invites HERE. Just remember to invite yours truly.

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  1. love it! Especially the glitter. I got mine though moo this year, but now I wish I'd waited until I read your post!