A Straight Up Thug Town Called Arrrlington

This past weekend we took a quick road trip to Arlington, VA to visit some friends and their adorably angry 18 month old, Eli. Ha. Tis a joke. He was hilariously adorable and we were convinced he hated Seth and me there for a while. He still might, again, we're not sure.

The weekend was fun but relaxed. Friday night we spent some time catching up at the Davis' condo. This was the first time we'd seen Eli since the day he was born. Yeah, he'd grown up a bit. This was when his hatred for us started. A few slices of pizza and a few ciders/beers later, we headed back to our hotel.

Saturday, we took a self-guided tour of Arlington National Cemetery. I'd been before, but it was yearssss ago and the only memories I have are a quick memory snapshot here and there. It was a gorgeous day, although chilly in the morning, but we had a nice walk around. Here are the few iPhone pics I took. (Yes, we took our camera, but to avoid looking like tourists, we left it in the hotel.)This gorgeous fall tree was right near the JFK grave site. It was brilliant! I love the Kennedy memorial. I think they've added a lot to it since I saw it the first time. There's a circular wall around it with the words to his famous speech on it. It's very moving.The view from the Robert E. Lee House is to die for.

We also took a quick peek at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier before we headed out. We split up for lunch so Mr. E could take a nap. And if we're being honest, so Seth and I could take one, too. We walked down to Ted's Montana Grill for lunch and then headed back for a short siesta.

Saturday night, the Davis' splurged on their first non-family babysitter and we 4 hit the National Harbor for dinner. We went to the Cadillac Ranch which features a mechanical bull. None of us braved the bull but we saw 2 people try it out. Pretty crazy. After dinner we walked around the shopping area a bit and even went into the Peep Store. Yes, a store devoted to everyone's favorite sugar-coated marshmallow treat. They had peeps on everything! Needless to say, we went to bed stuffed from a delicious dinner and dessert.

Here are some pics I took of Seth finally breaking the ice with Eli before dinner Saturday night. Playing with his cars seemed to do the trick. He even shared them with me.
Sunday morning, we all met for breakfast at Panera and then we hit the road after some goodbye fist bumps with Eli. It was a great weekend with friends we don't see often.

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