December Third

Here we are 5 years later, still married, still having fun, still loving each other. 5 years flew by, but then again, it seems like forever ago on this day that I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. Primping and relaxing, waiting until the bells chimed 5:30 pm. It's been a great, fun, adventurous 5 years!

We planned a long weekend trip to Boston to celebrate, but our smarts got the better of us and we decided to cancel it (or perhaps POSTPONE) in the interest of saving money and putting it towards a more sensible use.

Here's a look back at what was going on 5 years ago today. Some photos are from a friend since we've not yet bought the digital images from our brilliant photographer. For the pro ones I've managed to scan in, I've given her due credit. (Love you, Dara!)

First there were pre-wedding preparations:

Bride? Check.Photo courtesy of Dara Blakeley Photography

Photo courtesy of Dara Blakeley Photography

Dress? Check.Photo courtesy of Dara Blakeley Photography

Church? Check.
Rings? Check.
And yeah, yeah, yeah, that groom guy was there somewhere, but who cares, right?

Then there was the wedding. It was December. It was cold. Did I mention there was sleet? So standing outside for pictures for what seemed like EVER was none-to-thrilling, but I lived.
And then we were married!
And then we had to go outside again.
But going outside meant going to our reception at the NC Art Museum so we managed.

And there were guests...
And food...
And drinks...
And CAKE...
And for a few minutes, we were famous...
And then there were traditions.

Like tossing...
And flinging (can you spot the garter?)...

And there was dancing, and bell ringing, and limos picking brides and grooms up to take them to their hotel, but I'll show you those pictures on another anniversary.

All that mattered on December 3, 2005 was this...I Love My Sethie!


  1. FABULOUS MEMORIES, the best wedding I've ever been to, but best of all, blessed that you've been blessed with one another:)