Christmas Tour of Homes 2010

After browsing the links over at the Christmas Homes Tour 2010 at the Nesting Place, I decided to participate on my own (because that collection is closed) because what's more fun than decorating for Christmas? Nosing through other people's homes looking at THEIR decorations for Christmas! Of course!

I've limited most of my decorating to the main living areas of our house which are the living room and dining room. I've got 2 trees up this year and I adore them. Ones color theme started a few years ago when I had an AH-HA moment on what to do with a handful of leftover wedding favors from our December 2005 wedding. We used fuchsia ball ornaments with custom ribbon stamped with our names and wedding date. We had enough to start a theme tree with pinks and greens and golds and this year makes the third year of this tree and it's my favorite. We'll start there...

Here she is in all her glory. (Sorry for the dark pic, I was snapping fast!)
The inspiration ornament. I put these on first each year and fill in with the rest.
This guy is one of my favorites. I got him at Old Salem a couple of summers ago when Seth was up for a legislative conference. I tagged along simply for the shopping and visiting of my Alma Mater. I picked this up at one of the gift shops and it reminds me of my time at Salem.
Then there's this fun little extra that I shove in the tree. My mom got this for me and I find fun places to put it all throughout the year. But it makes a special statement in the Christmas tree.
This tree is full of color and life. It's different but it's come to be my favorite tree! I love using alternative colors at Christmas. There's no rule saying you can't!

The other tree resides in the dining room and has all the keepsake ornaments we've collected from Hallmark as well as some general favorites. Again, seriously dark pic...my apologies.
However, this baby holds some treasures.

First up, one of the 4 vintage Snoopy ornaments from my childhood. Many of my readers know about my precious faux-Snoopy, Diggle, who I've been cuddling with since 1980. He's still alive and kickin' and I love hanging these vintage ornaments on the tree each year. They were my favorite part of decorating the tree as a child.
They are yellowing and old, but I love them and love that they can be part of my adult Christmases. Actually, the now "pink and green" tree used to be a "Diggle" tree. I have so many Snoopy ornaments they covered an entire tree. I will have to get ANOTHER little tree so I can revive the Diggle tree another year.

Next up, an egg ornament from Old Salem. I got this one on the same trip mentioned above. It's a hollowed-out egg with a painted shell. Isn't it divine?

I have an owl...... and Hallmark Keepsake Snoopys (this is one of my favorites)...
... and ornaments to celebrate hobbies...
... and of course, a Westie (this is just one of many).

Since I've grown fond of using mini-trees, I have a surplus of ornaments that are too pretty not to display. I've used various glass containers to show off most of them.

This glass container is another item used at our wedding. They were used as centerpieces at the reception and I love filling it each year with my colorful ornaments. This one resides on the buffet in the dining room. I padded the awkward bottom part with pecans I gathered from our driveway (we didn't know we had a pecan tree!).

The coffee table is so large that it just screams for a large centerpiece. You might remember the centerpiece I made for Thanksgiving/Fall. I had just as much fun figuring out this (simple) centerpiece for Christmas.
And yes, I stood on my solid wood Restoration Hardware coffee table to get those shots. So what?

The wreath is a plastic fake, but it's sort of nice with its pine cones and all. I filled a big 'ole brandy snifter with a mix of Martha Stewart ornaments from Macy's (big ones with fuzzy coral-like pattern) and little baby ones from I-forget-where store. Isn't it cute?

I went with a gold and green color scheme for the coffee table because we have so much green in our living room. It works beautifully.
Aside from the trees and ornaments, I've got a slow-growing collection of Jim Shore Santas and this year, they made the most impact yet. My mom has a ton as well, and I can't wait until her collection gets added to mine. She's got more than just Santas, somehow that's all I've ended up with save for one beautiful angel.
Aren't they cozy?

My most recent Santa is the one down front holding the wreath. I'm smitten with him. I love his colors and the welcome wreath with pineapple. It reminds me of my mom's love for all things Williamsburg.

This is my second favorite. He's the smallest of the bunch, but his colors had me at hello. I picked him up after Christmas last year.
And lastly, here's our house in all its grandeur on a rainy, cold, Saturday. Isn't it charming? We don't have quite enough icicle lights and next year I want to decorate the railing as well, but we were on a budget this year and all the outside decor was strictly done with "what we already had."
Front door...
A close-up of our weath...
And can't leave out the Westie. She wasn't sure why I was outside taking pictures and not inside on the couch snuggling with her.
Hope you've enjoyed the Holiday Tour of 415!


  1. "I padded the awkward bottom part with pecans I gathered from our driveway (we didn't know we had a pecan tree!)."
    Good stuff!

  2. Another beautiful season at S&K's...LOVE it all:)!!!

  3. WOW. How beautiful!! I love the tall skinny tree. The ornaments are great. Merry christmas!