FOLLOW-UP! Shutterfly Christmas Card Promotion!

Remember this post? Well, I submitted my blog entry to Shutterfly, and to my great surprise, I had my code for 50 free Christmas cards the SAME DAY I posted that entry. I was VERY impressed. I got my cards on Friday. They are SO cute. Almost as cute as the ones I got from Tiny Prints (which some of you readers will get in the mail very soon)!

My Shutterfly cards came in the orange box they promised me in the confirmation email...You can also see in that email screen capture that the cards would normally be $2.09 a piece. That's $104.50 worth of free cards, my friends. I only had to pay $8.61 in shipping charges for all that Christmas-y goodness.

Here's the real-life version. How cute is this box?And I love a well-packaged, organized boxing system and it looks like Shutterfly has one!
And for the best part, here's our free card! I chose the Glitter layout. My only surprise it that I thought the card would have REAL glitter on it, but it's just printed. Still very cute, though!

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  1. KELLEY!!!! (I'm trying to yell your name, so you hear me asap) Submit your photo of three and his blue tennis ball to PW. It totally fits this assignment: