Snow + No Heat + Flat Tire = Interesting Weekend

Well, now. It's been quite an action-packed few days around these parts. I'll start with the good.

Friday night, Seth and I made plans to dine at the fabulous Peak City Grill in downtown Apex to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary. It was SO good. It was my third trip there and Seth's second. I had the Chilean Sea Bass because it was so good the first time I had it. It did not disappoint. Seth had a delicious steak with bacon mashed potatoes.

What we didn't know about this particular night (that almost derailed our dinner plans) was that it was also "Christmas on Salem" in downtown Apex. Roads were closed, parking was a nightmare and we ALMOST nixed our PCG reservations for something else, but instead we parked and walked a little ways and had our wonderful meal anyway.

Saturday was to be a day of Christmas and personal errand running. For some odd reason, we both were awake at 7:30am. Once stores were open we made runs to Kohls, Hallmark, Petsmart, and Harris Teeter. When we got back home, I squeezed in a nap before it was time to get ready to go to the Apex Christmas Parade - an annual tradition for us. When I woke up, though, it was SNOWING! A gorgeous, light snow on parade day! I thought it would be festive and fun, but it proved to be rather uncomfortable and we whimped out and left before it started. Just like last year when it was raining, we tried, but it just wasn't quite worth the discomfort and shivering puppy dog.

Instead, we all loaded into a warm car and went to Perkin's for our also-traditional post-parade breakfast for dinner. It was cold and the service was sub-par, but we got our breakfasts and we cleaned our plates while the dogs were at home warming back up.

Sunday, we went to church and lunch as usual. This particular Sunday afternoon was the Ladies' Christmas Tea which I'd never attended but want to this year. I went with my MIL. I was hoping it wouldn't be as awkward as I feared and it wasn't! Thankfully, there were some familiar faces from Bible Study there. It also helped that I included my last name on my name tag - that got me in the door with lots of folks who know my in-laws (and that was sort of my plan!). I had really nice time and the food and goodies were excellent! So much to chose from!

HOWEVER, when I arrived home, Seth was standing in the kitchen looking confused. It seemed that our downstairs heating unit had pooped out on us. It was blank and it didn't seem to be an issue with the control unit itself. Hmm. So, we turned on our gas logs just in case the heat was actually broken downstairs.

I proceeded to drag (with the help of my hubby) all of my Christmas decorations out of the attic. I got one tree up - my pink and green tree - which came to be because we had an excess of ornament favors left over from our wedding. They were so pretty I hated to waste them so I started a pink and green tree and it's one of my favorite trees to put up. I will add pictures to the blog once I get my second tree up!

We have a second tree that I bought last year on sale. It had never been assembled so I got that one out and put that bad boy together. Both our trees are small, skinny, mini-trees and I've come to love them more than a "big" tree for their ease of decorating and their lack of a "waist." I'm cover slam up with artificial tree cuts and scratches and my arms are burning like crazy today, but I got my trees up and only have half of one to finish lighting before I can decorate it. And to tie this story to the heat issue, I'll say that all my hard work getting the tree up made me hot and I didn't notice the chill that had started to settle on our downstairs...

I won't bore you with all the gory details, but after some good detective work, Seth figured out that our control panel wasn't the culprit, but that our heat seemed to be broken for the downstairs zone. Oh well, we were warm upstairs so we went to bed. But this morning, OH THIS MORNING, it was SO cold downstairs. I'd worry about Three, but she spends the whole day balled up on our bed upstairs, I knew she'd be fine.

THEN. We took our PT Cruiser to work this morning. We heard a suspicious rumble as we were DRIVING ON I-40 and I knew we had a tire issue. We slow drove to a nearby gas station and my Superman of a husband put on the donut tire. Here, I actually have picture of this. Yes, I forget to take pictures of my beautiful Christmas tree, but when there's a flat tire I'm all over it.

Here's Seth preparing the jack for use.I saw three separate holes in the tire, this one looked like it might have been the main blow-out.

Or maybe it was this one. It's pretty bad, too.

This one looks like a subsequent blow-out, but who's counting?

And here we are with our sexy donut tire! We'll be getting cat calls left and right with this on the car!
It's definitely been a Monday around here. With a cold house and a flat tire, and then having to buy at least one new tire RIGHT HERE AT CHRISTMAS (we're taking donations - it's for a good cause), things just have a way of turning upside down on you when you're not looking. I'd say we're handling it well, though.

But I have to say, I HATE our PT Cruiser. Seth will tsk tsk me for saying that, but it's true. When I lost my job, we sold our Honda CR-V to save some money. I loved that car, and to add insult to injury (me losing my job), we sold it on MY BIRTHDAY. When we saw that me not having a car while home all day just wasn't going to work, we bought the PT Cruiser. So I really hate what it reminds me of. I hate it because it reminds me of having lost my job and I hate it because it makes me think of the person who I strongly feel had a hand in me losing my job and perhaps had a hand in making it difficult for me to get a new job. A jealous, classless person. But I also hate it because we've had to sink a lot of SURPRISE! money into it and I just cringe when that happens. To get rid of the car would mean getting rid of the last bit of that stain on my professional life.


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