Duvet Drama Part 3 - PROBLEM SOLVED

Last night after I was thoroughly disappointed by my new PB duvet, I spent a couple hours online searching my little heart out for a replacement. I was at the end of my duvet rope and I was determined to go ahead and make a decision on SOMETHING and just move on.

Let's back up a bit. Back in November/early December when we decided to go for the king-sized bed, I made the easy decision to go with the same duvet we had on our queen bed, but up-sizing to the king-sized duvet. I loved it so much! I wanted to keep it!

Twas this beauty from West Elm:
So I added it to my Christmas wish list. This baby is soft and comfy, bold and fun, and only $72 for a king size to boot. Can't really beat it. Plus, we already have 2 shams from our queen size purchase. BUT when my MIL went to purchase it for me online, it was back-ordered and I just don't do back-orders. Previous experiences of waiting and waiting and multiple back-orders leave me worried I'll end up with nothing after months of waiting.

So...I picked out another duvet set, this time from Pottery Barn.
Here she is:
And then she also was back-ordered until mid-January or so. Even with the short time frame, I opted out of this one as well. (Good thing, too, because I checked her out the other day and she's now back-ordered until JULY.) Yeah, that's not happenin'.

So for the Christmas wish list, I scrapped all duvet covers and figured I'd wait until new ones came out after the holidays. This is when I bought my first PB duvet. And that didn't work out either. And then I bought another one. And that didn't work out either. Are we noticing a trend here?

I searched and searched and you know what I decided to get?

This baby...
OH YEAH. Because she's no longer back-ordered, she was 20% off making her just $63, I already have shams, and I also already have this great, perfect match of a red quilt which came with 2 euro shams from IKEA.
DUH. I love this duvet SO much. I was just fighting it because I'm currently using it on our guest bed downstairs. But I have umpteen different queen-size duvets sets, so I can switch the downstairs bedroom out no problem. Thank you to my hubby for pointing out the obvious. He pushed me over the duvet edge and got me to commit to my one true love.

Easy solution, huh? Go with what moves you!

I can not WAIT to get this duvet. I feel a big burden has been lifted off me. I know it's silly to get so carried away about a duvet (hey, that rhymes), but I love a cozy bedroom and I love walking down the hall each night and seeing that bedroom in the distance. Who wouldn't want to make their master bedroom perfect? Plus, it means I won't have to repaint the red wall. And I'm keeping our blue sheets because I like a light blue with red a la West Elm:
I'm going to paint the other walls a shade of this dusty, blue-grey and it's going to be awesome. Pictures to come soon! OOOO, and I have a no-sew idea for the old queen-size duvet so stay tuned!


The duvet drama continues...grrrrr

So I got my PB duvet today. Yay right? Ehhhhh, notsomuch.

You know, PB really needs to get up with their photographer and link up on the coloration of their photos. They are off just enough to really screw with your decorating.

I open my duvet and lay it out on the bed....

It's OK. I like it. Ish. Not enough to keep it. But mainly I had this problem with it:

Please tell me you can see the OBVIOUS difference in color! I took these pics with my phone and I swear they were under direct light, no flash, no shadow. The pictures don't really do the difference justice, but the shams were much more of a bold and saturated fabric than the duvet. It was like "Hawaiian luau" up top, and "serene bed" on the bottom.

I'm so irritated. So ANOTHER duvet goes back to PB for general "ehh" but also for another color difference. If you can remember from my previous purchase, I had this issue as well.

Also, I'm starting to notice that dressing a king-sized bed is a bit more challenging than a queen. There's more real estate to cover and when a fabric has a repeat (even a large one), it shows more and looks a bit...well....repeated.

This learning curve sure is working my nerves. Back to the drawing board.

Speaking of Buffalo Check...

Ballard Designs has a new shower curtain with my name written all over it!

They've had this lovely for about 3 million years and I love it, too, but OH. I love the larger check soooo much more.
One teeeeeeeny problem? Small or large check - either way, the curtain is $119. Sheesh. Perhaps the birthday or Valentine's Day fairy will bring me the larger check in black, please?

Duvet Drama

Excuse my little blogging vacay there. Work has consumed my days these past 2 weeks as we geared up for, lived through, and are now coming down from what is known around these parts as "deadline day." I do a lot of my blogging during down time at work but there has been no down time to speak of lately.

This morning all is calm and quiet so I wanted to pop in and share the newest development in the duvet saga. I've not posted in so long that I've already gone through one whole quest and then also abandoned it and moved to the next.

After being largely unsuccessful at finding a duvet I liked with the colors I wanted, I ditched all pre-made options and decided to go for a custom duvet. Several years ago, Pottery Barn had a red buffalo check duvet that was so cute, but I swear it sold out in 5 seconds for some reason. I think they had a limited quantity or something. It sort of looked like this but without the frilly ruffles (the one pictured is from Country Curtains):
I just love the cottage-y feeling that comes from buffalo check and I especially love the red. I'd be all over this one except they don't sell a king-sized one! GRR! I've searched high and low and couldn't come up with a decent one. This is when I called my mom. I asked her to have her decorator to pull some fabrics. She did. The cheapest one was $41 a yard. Um, NO.

So then I started hunting for fabrics online. I found the following...

This for the top of the duvet. The main side. I love an ikat fabric.

This for the back side of the duvet. I also love a ticking stripe

This for the curtains because again, I love an ikat fabric.

Or maybe this for the curtains or some other purpose because again, with the ticking stripe.

These dear fabrics I found at Calico Corners for much less than $41 a yard. But something about ordering fabrics and going all custom scared me. I was going to order the free samples, but then when the shipping for FABRIC SAMPLES was $17.95 I just canceled the order. I'm weird, right? But I DO love those colors and love those fabrics. Especially when I see them all lined up nice and purty in my blog post. Hmm.

ANYWAY. Moving on. SO. I thought to myself, "What is your problem. Maybe you should let go of the RED and just pick something you like." So I revisited Pottery Barn with a new eye. I had a $300 gift card so I was obviously quite inspired to find something at PB rather than anywhere else. And here's what I found. And ordered. And hope to receive tomorrow:

I'm a bold graphics kind of girl when it comes to fabric, but I also have a soft spot for the organic (not floral). The photography is kind of washed out so we'll see what it REALLY looks like when it arrives tomorrow. I was totally inspired by a gorgeous navy blue accent wall when I went to return my other duvet to PB. They had a navy accent wall among nice warm beige walls in their lighting section. I immediately wanted a navy wall in my house!

So the plan is to paint over the red accent wall in our master with a rich navy and go some sort of green on the other walls, or possibly a lighter blue. You can sort of see those colors in the pics, and I've got samples hanging on the bedroom wall as I type. I hope it works out. I'm so ready to have a finished master so we can just sleep in it and enjoy it. I am NOT a patient home decorator!

Also, this room from the HGTV Dream Home has tickled my fancy. I love the colors - the blues with the reds. So great. So pretty. So charming. This is what has me thinking maybe blue walls. It all hinges on what the duvet looks like in person. Stay tuned!
*** UPDATE *** UPS says the duvet is out for delivery today so YAY!


Drooling over these things....

I want to make our plate rail wainscoting multi-color. It's just so WHITE right now. And not the good kind of soft white, it's the skim milk kind of blue-tinted white. I just want to break it up, warm it up and interest it up.

I've been dreaming of ripping out our cute tile floors in the hall and master baths. I love this layout of tile, although my dream would be herringbone.
And finally, this kitchen. Am. In. Love. Not sure why, it seems a tad cave-y, but I still love it. Perhaps it's the real brick floors? I've ALWAYS wanted a kitchen with brick floors. And the fabulous ceiling with brick and those gorgeous craftsman-style pendant lights. Plus, with all that cold hard brick, the white in there is somehow juuuuuust right. Love it. Need it. And don't even get me started on the triple window over the sink. Dreamy.


Christmas Quickies

I've been wanting to post about Christmas 2010, but we left our camera at home (because I'm stupid and left our camera battery and charger at my mom's house the night before we were to leave for PA) during our trip to Pennsylvania.

Here are a quick few peeks at some of the highlights of my 10 day vacation!

1. It SNOWED on December 26th. I swear we got 6-8 inches. Here's the morning view from our master bathroom window. Try not to die.

2. The Westie is always so cute in the snow. We've read that Westies prefer colder climates and while the snowball legs worry her mommy, the Westie hardly notices them. Here are said cute legs warming by the fire. (We figured out that putting a coat on her significantly reduced the snowball mess on her sweet body). Isn't this the weirdest thing you've ever seen on a dog?3. On our trip to PA, we stayed in a home that was vacant while the owner was visiting family in California. This home had a new puppy in it and we were tasked with caring for it while we stayed there. Most were pretty annoyed with his presence, but I loved him to pieces! I wanted to take him home with us! His name is Milo and he's precious.
He was a wee bit hyper, but HE'S A PUPPY! He was so fun and Seth and I gave him lots of love and played ball with him. He was a jumpy little guy, but I think he was just happy to see warm bodies and just wanted some love.

One morning, Seth brought him into our room and put him in the bed to snuggle with me. It was so cute! It helped me not to miss Three so much having Milo around. Milo snuggled for about 1 minute then he was off the bed sniffing all he could find. Here he is with Seth. Can you tell he was excited?

A King for a Queen

Our new bed has arrived. It wasn't exactly easily gotten, but we got it and here's how it went down.

In my previous post I tempted you with the seller's picture of our soon-to-be new bed. After exchanging about a gabillion emails with the seller (who was so nice, by the way!), we had a plan to drive to a little town just south of Winston-Salem on Friday afternoon. Seth and I left work around 2pm and had hoped to get on the road by 3pm, but alas, and to my GREAT SHOCK (cue the sarcasm) we actually didn't get to leave until 4pm.

We picked up our $70 a day rental pick-up truck (ugh, more money we had to spend) after two other truck options fell through. She was an annoying extra expense, but she was pretty and rode comfortable and FOR ONCE, I actually got to recline my seat and take the most comfortable car snooze I've had in ages. Here she is:
We were slightly concerned that our king-sized bed wouldn't fit into the back of this truck since it had an extended cab, but what could we do? Pretty much nothing but hit the road and figure things out when we got to the seller's house.

The drive was quick and we got there around 5:30. We met the seller's hubby and he was such a kind, southern gentleman who helped us get the bed into the truck with great care. It was apparent how much he loved this piece of furniture. After a while, we had the thing locked down with the help of many bungee cords and blankets. The bed hung out the back tailgate, but its heft would keep it from moving or sliding out.

When we got home, the BIL came over to help Seth lug the bed up the stairs. I wish I had taken pictures of this event. It ALMOST didn't fit up the stairs. In fact, the top molding of the bed has white paint from where it scraped the ceiling of the stairwell. OOPS. Oh well, if we ever sell our house, the bed is staying with it! But we got it in and assembled before we went to bed (er, to "couch" that night).

Friday, I stayed home from work partially to receive our new mattress and box springs, but also partially cuz I felt yuck. The mattress and box arrived at 11am and then we had this:
Isn't it fab? It's HUGE compared to our old queen bed (which now resides in the downstairs guest room). Our old bed had a foot board, but it just covered up the box springs, so this one really has a presence in the room. Our room is a good size and has high ceilings so it's sort of nice to have a bed that really fills up the space. It makes it so much cozier.

As you can see, the new bed has that honey stain typical of many oak pieces. The bedside tables and 11-drawer dresser (not pictured) were bought as a set with our old queen bed and they are dark stained mahogany. It's possible one day we'll try to have the bed stained darker, but for now, I don't mind the difference.

Also mentioned in my previous post was the new Pottery Barn bedding I got with a Christmas gift card. Here it is on the bed.
Vanna Westie is glaring at the camera because like me, when she saw the bedding actually ON the bed in all of its king-sizedness, she was like "EH" and gave a little shrug of the shoulder. I'm not impressed. The picture a little washed out, but still, it's not quite as lovely as it shows online and in the catalog. SO, it's going back and I'm going to have a custom duvet and shams made! I just can't find the right bedding so I'm going custom on your a$$! Stay tuned for fabric selections and final results. I'm going for a red buffalo check because I saw one several years ago and it still makes my heart go pitter-pat!

So that's the bed situation. We're trying to break in sheets and get used to our taller bed (well, really the Westie is making the greatest adjustment), and our larger sprawl real estate, but we're loving it. Our house is an utter disaster since we moved 4 beds this weekend. It's been uprooted from one end to the other. Whew. I hope to put a lot of the pieces back together this week(end).


New Year, New Bed

You may remember me mentioning that we were playing with the idea of upgrading our master bedroom bed from a queen to a king. Thanks to some great Christmas gifts, we were well on our way to being fully stocked to make the switch!
  1. The in-laws gave us the comforter I wanted. (Sorry to note that I'm going to exchange it because it's just not as fluffy and yummy as what we currently have. Guess that's what I get for putting it on my wish list sight unseen.)
  2. The brother-in-law gave us the heated mattress pad I wanted. Yummy. We have a queen one and it's oh-so-yummy in the winter. I used it to pre-heat the bed so no more getting into cold sheets.
  3. My mom gave us a generous gift card to Pottery Barn to buy a duvet and shams since more than one I wished for went into back-order. Lucky for me, I waited until PB announced NEW ones and found one I love. Only $175 for a king duvet and 3 standard shams! Here tis. Don't be jelus.
So that helped us a lot. After Christmas, we hit up Target and the like to fill in the blanks for our new bed. We found these great sheets at Target that match the bedding perfectly. *NOTE: The PB pics show the blue flowers a little off from their color in reality. They are much more aqua than periwinkle.*
While at Target, I also found some inexpensive king-sized pillows. I'm not a huge fan of those and prefer to use 3 standard pillows instead, but the sheet set came with king pillow cases and I didn't want to waste them. I plan to use the 2 kings as "background pillows" and we'll still rest our little heads on our standards. I bought 3 standard shams to match the duvet, though.

Then we made the BIG purchase of the mattress and box spring set. Ouch, but it'll be worth it I think. And we got a good price and cheap delivery.

So I'm all set, right? Well, not exactly. I was still missing an actual BED. We wanted to get the ole HEMNES bed from IKEA, but after much reviewing and reading and hemming and hawing, I decided it wasn't worth the risk since it would be hard to return if we didn't like it. It was a wee bit hard walking away from a $250 bed, though...
So then I remembered this great store in Raleigh called Mission Bungalow. I have this fab-o lamp from there that I adore, and they have beautiful, authentic mission furniture. My mom called to check the price of one of my all-time favorite beds.
$1249. And they'd have to order it. And it would take a month to get it in.

While I was actually pleasantly surprised at the price, it was still...oh...$1249 over our budget. I settled for a good few days on waiting and saving up the money to buy this baby, but all the while I continued to browse for better deals on solid wood beds.

Pickins were slim.

Then I tweeted a cry for help asking anyone who would listen to tell me WHERE I could find a solid wood bed for under $1000?!?!?! And I also specified that no one should tell me to check Craig's List. WELL. Wouldn't you know. The bed we are buying was found on .... Craig's List. I suck. The truth is, I had searched the Raleigh listings to the bone and there was nothing decent in the price range I was hoping for. So, on a whim, I tried the Winston-Salem CL. After all, that town treated me right in my college years and beyond so I gave it a try. BOOM. Less than 10 listings in I found it. And we're driving to W-S today to pick it up in our RENTED $70 pick-up (whole other story in itself)! But YAY!

Here it is:
This is the seller's pic and no, it's not actually snowing in her house, her camera just seems to be spotty.

This bed should be perfect. It's got almost the same lines our current bed has and I love the super-tall headboard (again, like we have now). It's got some dings and scratches, but just enough to make it cozy and charming. Best part, only $450.

Will post again after all is set up! Mattress coming tomorrow! Only thing I'm missing is a matelasse!


Dear Crate & Barrel...


Seriously, have you gotten their new "Bright White Sale" catalog? Did I miss all this great stuff or is this new? It seems springy, but I can't tell.


They need to just shut up already.

How AWESOME is this cute stuff?

I wish I had a room to put this in. It's so cheery and bright and you could throw so many other colors in there to make it the wonderland of color it's calling out to be.
And these coordinating soap pumps. I need me some of those. I'm not of fan of the see-through pump from the store. I like to hide my soap and make it a mystery for those pumping it out on their grimy little hands.
And this room. I want it. I want it bad. It feels so CLEAN. I want to live in it and then clean it because it seems like a room that would be satisfying to clean.
And I also want this chair. Perhaps to go in the aforementioned room.
And these great pieces of art. I love these. They look like something I could (were I an artistee-st) and slapped them in a great frame. They have 5 of them. Three of them are of places I have visited. Here are 2:
1. My favorite place on earth.
2. City in which we honeymooned.
AND THEN. (yes, there's more). These flour sack dish towels. The colors are TDF.
These would brighten up my kitchen this summer.
And this plate. Oh this plate is so cool. They have 6 colors. None of which look as good on their website as they do in the catalog. But they are so fun and colorful and need to be in my house.
I want to turn all these lamps on.
And last there's this ray of sunshine of a pillow that just needs a home. Isn't it cute?
Also, Mr. C&B. I just got an email from you informing me that your store at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh is CLOSING on January 23 because you are getting all fancy-nancy on me and you're opening a NEW store at The Streets of Southpointe in Durham. FINE. Be that way. Actually, I like Southpointe just fine. And it's semi-closer to us. PLUS, you said you're going to have all the FURNITURE in the new store and that's just making me happy right now.



Shameless Promotion of Goods for Sale

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