Christmas Quickies

I've been wanting to post about Christmas 2010, but we left our camera at home (because I'm stupid and left our camera battery and charger at my mom's house the night before we were to leave for PA) during our trip to Pennsylvania.

Here are a quick few peeks at some of the highlights of my 10 day vacation!

1. It SNOWED on December 26th. I swear we got 6-8 inches. Here's the morning view from our master bathroom window. Try not to die.

2. The Westie is always so cute in the snow. We've read that Westies prefer colder climates and while the snowball legs worry her mommy, the Westie hardly notices them. Here are said cute legs warming by the fire. (We figured out that putting a coat on her significantly reduced the snowball mess on her sweet body). Isn't this the weirdest thing you've ever seen on a dog?3. On our trip to PA, we stayed in a home that was vacant while the owner was visiting family in California. This home had a new puppy in it and we were tasked with caring for it while we stayed there. Most were pretty annoyed with his presence, but I loved him to pieces! I wanted to take him home with us! His name is Milo and he's precious.
He was a wee bit hyper, but HE'S A PUPPY! He was so fun and Seth and I gave him lots of love and played ball with him. He was a jumpy little guy, but I think he was just happy to see warm bodies and just wanted some love.

One morning, Seth brought him into our room and put him in the bed to snuggle with me. It was so cute! It helped me not to miss Three so much having Milo around. Milo snuggled for about 1 minute then he was off the bed sniffing all he could find. Here he is with Seth. Can you tell he was excited?

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  1. Puppy Milo was a bit hyper for me. Remember, I'm used to a laid back, sleepy head, Bassett! And I was paying for someone to care for Wyatt & still had to take puppy out early in the morning:(
    I'm tickled y'all loved him up:)