Dear Crate & Barrel...


Seriously, have you gotten their new "Bright White Sale" catalog? Did I miss all this great stuff or is this new? It seems springy, but I can't tell.


They need to just shut up already.

How AWESOME is this cute stuff?

I wish I had a room to put this in. It's so cheery and bright and you could throw so many other colors in there to make it the wonderland of color it's calling out to be.
And these coordinating soap pumps. I need me some of those. I'm not of fan of the see-through pump from the store. I like to hide my soap and make it a mystery for those pumping it out on their grimy little hands.
And this room. I want it. I want it bad. It feels so CLEAN. I want to live in it and then clean it because it seems like a room that would be satisfying to clean.
And I also want this chair. Perhaps to go in the aforementioned room.
And these great pieces of art. I love these. They look like something I could (were I an artistee-st) and slapped them in a great frame. They have 5 of them. Three of them are of places I have visited. Here are 2:
1. My favorite place on earth.
2. City in which we honeymooned.
AND THEN. (yes, there's more). These flour sack dish towels. The colors are TDF.
These would brighten up my kitchen this summer.
And this plate. Oh this plate is so cool. They have 6 colors. None of which look as good on their website as they do in the catalog. But they are so fun and colorful and need to be in my house.
I want to turn all these lamps on.
And last there's this ray of sunshine of a pillow that just needs a home. Isn't it cute?
Also, Mr. C&B. I just got an email from you informing me that your store at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh is CLOSING on January 23 because you are getting all fancy-nancy on me and you're opening a NEW store at The Streets of Southpointe in Durham. FINE. Be that way. Actually, I like Southpointe just fine. And it's semi-closer to us. PLUS, you said you're going to have all the FURNITURE in the new store and that's just making me happy right now.


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  1. OMG.I.KNOW! I am totally in LOVE with the catalog and I too got the e-mail and thought, hey, why not, it is a good 10 min. closer to me!! Love, Love, Love the chair!! Sam said I need to stop getting catalogs..