Drooling over these things....

I want to make our plate rail wainscoting multi-color. It's just so WHITE right now. And not the good kind of soft white, it's the skim milk kind of blue-tinted white. I just want to break it up, warm it up and interest it up.

I've been dreaming of ripping out our cute tile floors in the hall and master baths. I love this layout of tile, although my dream would be herringbone.
And finally, this kitchen. Am. In. Love. Not sure why, it seems a tad cave-y, but I still love it. Perhaps it's the real brick floors? I've ALWAYS wanted a kitchen with brick floors. And the fabulous ceiling with brick and those gorgeous craftsman-style pendant lights. Plus, with all that cold hard brick, the white in there is somehow juuuuuust right. Love it. Need it. And don't even get me started on the triple window over the sink. Dreamy.


  1. Maybe you could bequeath me your teak floor????? I've never seen teak floors before & yours are gorgeous!!!!

  2. the kitchen ceiling is amaaaazing!