The duvet drama continues...grrrrr

So I got my PB duvet today. Yay right? Ehhhhh, notsomuch.

You know, PB really needs to get up with their photographer and link up on the coloration of their photos. They are off just enough to really screw with your decorating.

I open my duvet and lay it out on the bed....

It's OK. I like it. Ish. Not enough to keep it. But mainly I had this problem with it:

Please tell me you can see the OBVIOUS difference in color! I took these pics with my phone and I swear they were under direct light, no flash, no shadow. The pictures don't really do the difference justice, but the shams were much more of a bold and saturated fabric than the duvet. It was like "Hawaiian luau" up top, and "serene bed" on the bottom.

I'm so irritated. So ANOTHER duvet goes back to PB for general "ehh" but also for another color difference. If you can remember from my previous purchase, I had this issue as well.

Also, I'm starting to notice that dressing a king-sized bed is a bit more challenging than a queen. There's more real estate to cover and when a fabric has a repeat (even a large one), it shows more and looks a bit...well....repeated.

This learning curve sure is working my nerves. Back to the drawing board.

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