Duvet Drama Part 3 - PROBLEM SOLVED

Last night after I was thoroughly disappointed by my new PB duvet, I spent a couple hours online searching my little heart out for a replacement. I was at the end of my duvet rope and I was determined to go ahead and make a decision on SOMETHING and just move on.

Let's back up a bit. Back in November/early December when we decided to go for the king-sized bed, I made the easy decision to go with the same duvet we had on our queen bed, but up-sizing to the king-sized duvet. I loved it so much! I wanted to keep it!

Twas this beauty from West Elm:
So I added it to my Christmas wish list. This baby is soft and comfy, bold and fun, and only $72 for a king size to boot. Can't really beat it. Plus, we already have 2 shams from our queen size purchase. BUT when my MIL went to purchase it for me online, it was back-ordered and I just don't do back-orders. Previous experiences of waiting and waiting and multiple back-orders leave me worried I'll end up with nothing after months of waiting.

So...I picked out another duvet set, this time from Pottery Barn.
Here she is:
And then she also was back-ordered until mid-January or so. Even with the short time frame, I opted out of this one as well. (Good thing, too, because I checked her out the other day and she's now back-ordered until JULY.) Yeah, that's not happenin'.

So for the Christmas wish list, I scrapped all duvet covers and figured I'd wait until new ones came out after the holidays. This is when I bought my first PB duvet. And that didn't work out either. And then I bought another one. And that didn't work out either. Are we noticing a trend here?

I searched and searched and you know what I decided to get?

This baby...
OH YEAH. Because she's no longer back-ordered, she was 20% off making her just $63, I already have shams, and I also already have this great, perfect match of a red quilt which came with 2 euro shams from IKEA.
DUH. I love this duvet SO much. I was just fighting it because I'm currently using it on our guest bed downstairs. But I have umpteen different queen-size duvets sets, so I can switch the downstairs bedroom out no problem. Thank you to my hubby for pointing out the obvious. He pushed me over the duvet edge and got me to commit to my one true love.

Easy solution, huh? Go with what moves you!

I can not WAIT to get this duvet. I feel a big burden has been lifted off me. I know it's silly to get so carried away about a duvet (hey, that rhymes), but I love a cozy bedroom and I love walking down the hall each night and seeing that bedroom in the distance. Who wouldn't want to make their master bedroom perfect? Plus, it means I won't have to repaint the red wall. And I'm keeping our blue sheets because I like a light blue with red a la West Elm:
I'm going to paint the other walls a shade of this dusty, blue-grey and it's going to be awesome. Pictures to come soon! OOOO, and I have a no-sew idea for the old queen-size duvet so stay tuned!


  1. I so want that duvet as curtains in my library! Glad you figured it out:)

  2. HA! That's EXACTLY what I'm going to do with the old queen sized duvet! CURTAINS! Maybe for the bathroom, maybe something else.