Duvet Drama

Excuse my little blogging vacay there. Work has consumed my days these past 2 weeks as we geared up for, lived through, and are now coming down from what is known around these parts as "deadline day." I do a lot of my blogging during down time at work but there has been no down time to speak of lately.

This morning all is calm and quiet so I wanted to pop in and share the newest development in the duvet saga. I've not posted in so long that I've already gone through one whole quest and then also abandoned it and moved to the next.

After being largely unsuccessful at finding a duvet I liked with the colors I wanted, I ditched all pre-made options and decided to go for a custom duvet. Several years ago, Pottery Barn had a red buffalo check duvet that was so cute, but I swear it sold out in 5 seconds for some reason. I think they had a limited quantity or something. It sort of looked like this but without the frilly ruffles (the one pictured is from Country Curtains):
I just love the cottage-y feeling that comes from buffalo check and I especially love the red. I'd be all over this one except they don't sell a king-sized one! GRR! I've searched high and low and couldn't come up with a decent one. This is when I called my mom. I asked her to have her decorator to pull some fabrics. She did. The cheapest one was $41 a yard. Um, NO.

So then I started hunting for fabrics online. I found the following...

This for the top of the duvet. The main side. I love an ikat fabric.

This for the back side of the duvet. I also love a ticking stripe

This for the curtains because again, I love an ikat fabric.

Or maybe this for the curtains or some other purpose because again, with the ticking stripe.

These dear fabrics I found at Calico Corners for much less than $41 a yard. But something about ordering fabrics and going all custom scared me. I was going to order the free samples, but then when the shipping for FABRIC SAMPLES was $17.95 I just canceled the order. I'm weird, right? But I DO love those colors and love those fabrics. Especially when I see them all lined up nice and purty in my blog post. Hmm.

ANYWAY. Moving on. SO. I thought to myself, "What is your problem. Maybe you should let go of the RED and just pick something you like." So I revisited Pottery Barn with a new eye. I had a $300 gift card so I was obviously quite inspired to find something at PB rather than anywhere else. And here's what I found. And ordered. And hope to receive tomorrow:

I'm a bold graphics kind of girl when it comes to fabric, but I also have a soft spot for the organic (not floral). The photography is kind of washed out so we'll see what it REALLY looks like when it arrives tomorrow. I was totally inspired by a gorgeous navy blue accent wall when I went to return my other duvet to PB. They had a navy accent wall among nice warm beige walls in their lighting section. I immediately wanted a navy wall in my house!

So the plan is to paint over the red accent wall in our master with a rich navy and go some sort of green on the other walls, or possibly a lighter blue. You can sort of see those colors in the pics, and I've got samples hanging on the bedroom wall as I type. I hope it works out. I'm so ready to have a finished master so we can just sleep in it and enjoy it. I am NOT a patient home decorator!

Also, this room from the HGTV Dream Home has tickled my fancy. I love the colors - the blues with the reds. So great. So pretty. So charming. This is what has me thinking maybe blue walls. It all hinges on what the duvet looks like in person. Stay tuned!
*** UPDATE *** UPS says the duvet is out for delivery today so YAY!


  1. I'm thinking a navy accent walls surrounded by pale beigy-green walls similar to what is in the fabric. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Hi there! Where did you find the navy and white ikat bedding? I love this exact one and have been looking everywhere.

  3. It's fabric from calico corners.