New Year, New Bed

You may remember me mentioning that we were playing with the idea of upgrading our master bedroom bed from a queen to a king. Thanks to some great Christmas gifts, we were well on our way to being fully stocked to make the switch!
  1. The in-laws gave us the comforter I wanted. (Sorry to note that I'm going to exchange it because it's just not as fluffy and yummy as what we currently have. Guess that's what I get for putting it on my wish list sight unseen.)
  2. The brother-in-law gave us the heated mattress pad I wanted. Yummy. We have a queen one and it's oh-so-yummy in the winter. I used it to pre-heat the bed so no more getting into cold sheets.
  3. My mom gave us a generous gift card to Pottery Barn to buy a duvet and shams since more than one I wished for went into back-order. Lucky for me, I waited until PB announced NEW ones and found one I love. Only $175 for a king duvet and 3 standard shams! Here tis. Don't be jelus.
So that helped us a lot. After Christmas, we hit up Target and the like to fill in the blanks for our new bed. We found these great sheets at Target that match the bedding perfectly. *NOTE: The PB pics show the blue flowers a little off from their color in reality. They are much more aqua than periwinkle.*
While at Target, I also found some inexpensive king-sized pillows. I'm not a huge fan of those and prefer to use 3 standard pillows instead, but the sheet set came with king pillow cases and I didn't want to waste them. I plan to use the 2 kings as "background pillows" and we'll still rest our little heads on our standards. I bought 3 standard shams to match the duvet, though.

Then we made the BIG purchase of the mattress and box spring set. Ouch, but it'll be worth it I think. And we got a good price and cheap delivery.

So I'm all set, right? Well, not exactly. I was still missing an actual BED. We wanted to get the ole HEMNES bed from IKEA, but after much reviewing and reading and hemming and hawing, I decided it wasn't worth the risk since it would be hard to return if we didn't like it. It was a wee bit hard walking away from a $250 bed, though...
So then I remembered this great store in Raleigh called Mission Bungalow. I have this fab-o lamp from there that I adore, and they have beautiful, authentic mission furniture. My mom called to check the price of one of my all-time favorite beds.
$1249. And they'd have to order it. And it would take a month to get it in.

While I was actually pleasantly surprised at the price, it was still...oh...$1249 over our budget. I settled for a good few days on waiting and saving up the money to buy this baby, but all the while I continued to browse for better deals on solid wood beds.

Pickins were slim.

Then I tweeted a cry for help asking anyone who would listen to tell me WHERE I could find a solid wood bed for under $1000?!?!?! And I also specified that no one should tell me to check Craig's List. WELL. Wouldn't you know. The bed we are buying was found on .... Craig's List. I suck. The truth is, I had searched the Raleigh listings to the bone and there was nothing decent in the price range I was hoping for. So, on a whim, I tried the Winston-Salem CL. After all, that town treated me right in my college years and beyond so I gave it a try. BOOM. Less than 10 listings in I found it. And we're driving to W-S today to pick it up in our RENTED $70 pick-up (whole other story in itself)! But YAY!

Here it is:
This is the seller's pic and no, it's not actually snowing in her house, her camera just seems to be spotty.

This bed should be perfect. It's got almost the same lines our current bed has and I love the super-tall headboard (again, like we have now). It's got some dings and scratches, but just enough to make it cozy and charming. Best part, only $450.

Will post again after all is set up! Mattress coming tomorrow! Only thing I'm missing is a matelasse!