It's Been 11 Years...

....But we still manage to get together and yuck it up like we did in college!

Well, maybe it's not QUITE the same (or crass, curse word-laden, or sassy), but it's fun nonetheless and it's nice to involve our husbands, kids and dogs.

Saturday, Seth, Three and I drove to Dobson to Merry Alice and Brad's lovely house for a Salem girls get-together. This was the first gathering that would include all the kids. I think the last time we gathered with kids, everyone was just on their first off spring. Now, the majority have 3 each!

There was a total of 16 adults, 15 kids, 3 babies in utero, and one dog at the occasion. Thankfully, Merry Alice had a spacious home both inside and out!

Everyone brought food and a few of us plopped right down at the table and proceeded to eat our way through some catch-up conversation. The food is always delicious at our get-togethers and this time did not disappoint. YUM!

It was so good to see everyone. It amazes me that there are so many kids (I haven't contributed a single one!) just 11 years after we graduated. There are more kids than there are years between graduation and the present. The ladies have been busy! I can't believe how big and grown some of them are. All are precious and gorgeous just like their mommas!

Here are some pics from the day.
Some of the yummy food.

Katherine's evil delicious corn dip.

Ruffle pins for all the girls! Thanks Katherine!

My fur baby.

Three holds down the couch (against her will).

Westie exploring the play grounds.

Lisa and her littlest little one, Elizabeth Bennett.

Laura looking adorably preggo.

Here we are trying to convince children and dogs that they WANT THEIR PICTURE TAKEN.

John Barrett begging, "LET'S GO, MOMMA!"

Gena, also adorably preggo, peeking around Dave .

Miss Bennett

Bell showing off her tooth!

Bell taking her first slide.

This is the best I could manage to post of the group shot. I am seriously fat and gross.

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  1. I love the ruffle pins. It seems like everyone had a blast.
    E + J