Mellow Yellow

As you may remember back during the Duvet Drama 2011, my last purchase-then-return came from Pottery Barn. I returned that sucker maaaaany weeks ago after having made said purchase using a merchandise credit card from Pottery Barn. Over the weekend I FINALLY got my "money" back in the form of another merchandise credit card and was once again restocked with all $300 in Pottery Barn gift card moneygoodness.

It's worked out well to have waited since December 25th when I received the card, to actually USE it in a way I think will be splendid. Since Christmas, we've swapped our sofa, coffee table, and kitchen paint color. All of these things helped me decide on what to spend this $300 on since it's been burning a hole in my pocket since its receipt.

Originally, I had these drapes on my Christmas wish list and they were going to go in the living room:
They would've worked well with our old sofas, but now I'm glad I got the gift card over the drapes, because as luck would have it, here's what I ordered yesterday and I know they are going to be so much better:
Yes, they are the SAME drapes, just in yellow. Get oves.

Since the arrival of our new brown sectional, I have a distinct craving for yellow in the room. We already have some yellow throw pillows as well as other pillows with yellow in them. I think these drapes are going to be fab and really add a splash of color to the room. I'm excited to see them come.

Additionally, I found this table which I'm loving and oddly, I found it BEFORE I ordered these drapes. Now all I need is someone generous to give it to me for my upcoming March birthday.
Don't you want to eat it? It's so fun and whimsical. It's technically a small console table and I *might be able to use it as one, but also, it could be a great side table for our leather wing chair in the living room. I swear to post soon with pictures of our new living room furniture and layout. It would make it easier for you to picture the cuteness.

Moving along, and in keeping with tradition, I also ordered this to go in our downstairs/only/guest bath:
She's the shower curtain in the middle if you couldn't figure that out.

Our guest bath has a black vanity, white plate rail wainscoting, and the black and white mini tiles on the floor. I love combining black, yellow and white, and I though the proximity of our bath to our living room warranted the use of the same fabric in both places to tie the rooms together.

Actually, the colors in the shower curtain photo are pretty much all the colors in our downstairs living space with the addition of brown. I'm enjoying the color scheme I've sort of fallen into. It's springy and fun, yet somehow warm and cozy. I tend to decorate with extremely warm colors, but I'm loving my surroundings! I think most of it is grounded in the green and that's why it's working for me.

I painted our dining room a fun watermelon color last summer, but now I'm thinking of changing it. Not that I don't like it, but just to coordinate a bit more since the rooms are so open to each other. I'm either going to paint it the same delicious color of grey-blue I used in our kitchen or possibly yellow to pull those curtains into the dining room. Either way, I want to do a stencil treatment in that room. We also have the plate rail wainscoting in there, so it wouldn't be nearly the doosie of a job as a room with full-height wall surfaces to paint.

I'm thinking of using this stencil since it's so simple and classic:
We're on a budget this month so using items we already have (like paint) is key!

Stay tuned to be sure I follow through on my promise to post new living room pics :)


  1. TOILE!! Love it. I think yellow is such a wonderful color for a living room!

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  3. I love the stencil..I am a huge fan of this seller on etsy! I am thinking about using the RABAT one for my bedroom! Let me know how the stenciling goes!