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I snagged this great table for $70 from Shelton's this morning during my super-early lunch hour with the hubs. What do we think? Great find? Piece of crapola?
I happen to love it. I'm going to paint it and use it as a lovely side table to the wing chair in the family room. The legs. They are killing me. I love me some turned legs. I have a pair of antique candlesticks with the same turn detail so this piece caught my eye when I saw it on their web site.

We went over directly.

The guy tells me that some ladies asked him to buy that piece and that in turn they'd come buy it from him. But they haven't showed. So he said "Yer here and they're not." So I bought it.

Also, I've been eying this piece for a few weeks now, too:
They put a little price sticker on everything and then tell you everything with a price sticker on it is half price. It's glorious that little mind game. This baby is marked at $399, so it's really $199. And I love her. She's petite and is only about as tall as I am. And probably about as wide as me, too. That's good for the cabinet, bad for my booty. But I am without a spare $200 so I have to let her be.

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