Toile is TDF

Over the weekend, several projects on my to-do list got finished and/or started and as horrid as the photos below are, I'm excited to share these changes with you.

FINALLY bought something with my Pottery Barn gift card from Christmas that arrived and I didn't hate! As we've made changes to our living room during the past few months, I've ended up with colors I am just loving - and that surprised me! The green, yellow, and blue sound like a toddlers, room, but the hues of these colors have won my heart. They are more "harvesty" and not at all primary.

When I finally got another merchandise credit card from returning the last duvet from PB I ordered, I was glad I had waited so long because I had the perfect idea for the next PB purchase.

Here they are! Yellow toile curtains. Linen, blackout liner, perrrrfect.
The photo was taken TOWARD super-bright daylight and a window using my iPhone so sorry for the poor quality. I have taken more with my big-girl camera at night and those will be coming soon.

We had to move the sofa to the other side of the room to hang the drapes and with the move, we decided we liked the new arrangement and we're going to keep it for a bit. I didn't really want to cover up those gorgeous drapes with a big ole couch anyway!

Next up, the hall bathroom which is withing eye-shot of the living room. I ordered the matching yellow toile shower curtain to pull that great fabric to another room for a little repeat design. When I hung it, there was a tan & red rug in there at the sink. It looked none-to-good (could I use anymore hyphens today?) so as a temporary fix, I tossed in 2 spring green circle rugs I have from IKEA (shocked?), and I feel in LOVE with the yellow and green combo!

Funny how things work out. I had some leftover paints from painting a secondary bedroom at our previous house in our garage. You might remember this picture.
I pulled them out to do a couple of test spots and it was a perfect match. Ooooo, free paint project! you can see the green circle rugs in the pic, too. Soooo, now all of a sudden, my hall bathroom is well on its way to awesomeness! I love it's cuteness so much, but unfortunately, this is all I have to show you for now.
Again, kinda bad photo because I took it right next to and toward the light streaming in from the window. Just know that the darker color on the bottom of the first picture is above the chair rail in the bathroom, and the lighter color on the top of the first picture is painted between the slats of the wainscoting in the bathroom. It's SO GREAT. I can't even tell you, but I will show you just as soon as I'm done and can take pics.

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